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WWE RAW Results May 9th, 2022 Monday Night RAW Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

RK-Bro kicked off RAW and Randy Orton explained that last night at WrestleMania Backlash, the tag team titles were not on the line because Roman Reigns tore up the contract.

Orton added that they are now looking to unify the tag titles for themselves before The Street Profits showed up. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins said that they will be the ones to unify the tag titles after beating RK-Bro tonight.

Ford then demanded the smoke and Riddle implied that the Profits would be the ones being smoked before we headed for a break on RAW.

RK-Bro (c) vs. The Street Profits – RAW Tag Team Title match

Riddle and Montez Ford kicked off the match and the latter took control with a dropkick before tagging in Angelo Dawkins. Randy Orton came in and sent Dawkins into the corner before tagging Riddle back in. Dawkins sent Riddle outside and Ford hit a big dive over the ropes before we headed for a break on RAW.

Back on RAW, Orton came in and hit the Draping DDT on Dawkins after sending Ford outside. Dawkins dodged the RKO before Riddle accidentally took out The Viper with a Floating Bro from the apron.

Ford hit Riddle with a frog splash in the ring but Orton Broke up the pin. Ford tried for another frog splash but Riddle caught him with the RKO before picking up the win.

Result: RK-Bro def. The Street Profits

Grade: B+

Theory in an interview on RAW and said that he didn’t need to prepare for his title match with Cody Rhodes since he was ‘always at his true potential’.

Judgment Day were out next and they were being referred to as the ‘Dark Trio’ by the commentators. Edge was in a suit and had a fancy new haircut. The Hall of Famer said that he and his new totally not vampire cult were going to destroy the critics and haters, by beating AJ Styles.

Damian Priest joined in and was talking like a real priest as he introduced us to Rhea Ripley who was really mad that people were selling her autographs on eBay.

“I am DONE signing autographs at the airport for all tthe little kids who come running up to me saying they want to be just like me when they grow up. The next day, I go online and I see those same autographs being sold on eBay I’m DONE being used.”@RheaRipley_WWE#WWERaw

Ripley said that she will destroy Liv Morgan tonight and Edge said that he will teach The Nightmare to unleash her true destructive potential.

Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan on RAW

Rhea Ripley unleashed on Liv Morgan right off the bat and tossed her around the ring by the hair. Morgan managed to counter a top rope move and hit a Rana off the ropes but was taken down with a big boot.

Morgan was taking a beating as the match went on and Ripley was stomping on her in the ring before the former managed to make a comeback. Morgan missed her finisher and was caught in a standing cloverleaf before tapping out.

Result: Rhea Ripley def. Liv Morgan

Ripley went for the submission again after the match to assert dominance before Finn Balor and AJ Styles came out for the next match.

Grade: B

Damian Priest vs. Finn Balor on RAW

Priest had the early advantage and kicked Balor down in the corner before getting the Broken Arrow for a near fall. Balor came back in with a basement dropkick and sent Priest into the corner before we headed for a break.

Back on RAW, Balor sent Priest outside and was about to hit a dive but Rhea Ripley got in the way. Balor was standing in the ring and Edge came in with a spear and took him down.

Styles came in to assist but Damian Priest set him up and Edge took him down with a spear as well.

Result: DNF

Grade: B

Backstage, Kevin Owens let Alpha Academy know that his older brother will confront Ezekiel tonight.

Omos was out next with MVP and the latter claimed that he did not need Bobby Lashley and that he made The All Mighty. Cedric Alexander came out to celebrate with them but Lashley showed up and took out the security guards.

Lashley rushed the ring and sent Omos outside before getting the Hurt Lock on Alexander as MVP and The Nigerian Giant ran off.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sonya Deville on RAW

Sonya Deville was out next and Adam Pearce announced that her opponent is Alexa Bliss. Bliss came in with an early DDT and the Twisted Bliss before getting a swift win in her return match on RAW.

Result: Alexa Bliss def. Sonya DeVille

Grade: C

Kevin Owens came out in a wig and said that he was Ken, Kevin’s older brother. It was all a plot to make Ezekiel admit he was Elias and after it failed, Owens and later Alpha Academy came out and attacked Ezekiel. KO hit a stunner before they were done with him.

Backstage on RAW, Adam Pearce said that Asuka deserved a title match and Becky Lynch came in to argue that it should go to her instead. Asuka called Lynch a big baby before we moved on.

Veer Mahaan vs. Frank Lowman on RAW

Veer Mahaan took on another local challenger and it was a squash match as usual. Mahaan got a big slam before hitting the Million Dollar Arm. He got his patented cervical clutch before picking up the win.

Result: Veer Mahaan def. Frank Lowman

Grade: C

Theory (c) vs. Cody Rhodes – United States title match on RAW

Theory was taunting Cody Rhodes early on and got a big sequence of moves leading up to a dropkick and a stomp. Rhodes was sent into the corner after taking an elbow strike. Theory got a near fall off a snap suplex and Rhodes looked to have injured his knee from him.

Cody Rhodes came back with a dropkick before dropping Theory outside from the apron. Theory blocked a kick and dropped Rhodes on the apron before clearing the announce desk. Rhodes unloaded on Theory on the outside but the champion ran away before he could get the move on the desk.

After a break, The American Nightmare got a near fall off a moonsault before he hit the Disaster Kick and the Cody Cutter. Seth Rollins attacked Cody Rhodes right before he was about to make the pin and took him out at ringside.

Result: DNF

Rollins hit Rhodes with a stomp on the announce desk before he was done.

Grade: B+

Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Nikki ASH & Doudrop on RAW

Naomi and Doudrop kicked off the match and the latter got an early near fall with a splash. Doudrop hit a big clothesline before Naomi got an enzyme counter and made the tag to Sasha Banks.

Banks tried for a crossbody but was hit with a bodyslam. Nikki ASH tagged in and tried for a cover but The Boss kicked out.

Nikki refused to make the tag so that she could get the pin on Banks, but the latter managed to make the tag to Naomi. They hit the Rent’s Due combined finisher on Nikki for the win.

Result: Sasha Banks & Naomi def. Nikki ASH & Doudrop

After the match, Doudrop yelled at Nikki, telling her to take it seriously.

Grade: B-

Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa on RAW

The Miz was the guest referee for the match and Mustafa Ali was in control early on but The A-Lister got in his way, letting Ciampa get the drop on him. The Miz was refusing to count for Ali’s pin attempts before Ciampa sent him outside with a knee strike.

Ali got a neckbreaker and followed up with a dropkick and a tornado DDT. The Miz was counting very slowly for Ali’s pin and he started to yell at the guest official for it. Ciampa caught Ali off the distraction before getting the reverse DDT for the win.

Result: Ciampa def. Mustafa Ali

Grade: B

Backstage on RAW, Bobby Lashley challenged Omos to a steel cage match for next week.

R-Truth was backstage with Dana Brooke and Tamina and served divorce papers to Reggie. He tried to serve them to Akira Tozawa as well but he ran away.

Asuka vs. Bianca Belair on RAW

Asuka started off strong but was caught in a headlock early on. Asuka got a near fall before reversing a big slam into a triangle lock. Becky Lynch ran in and took out Bianca Belair mid-match and sent her into the steel steps.

Result: DNF

After the match was called off, Lynch attacked Asuka and hit the manhandle slam before posing in the ring.

Grade: B

Episode rating: B

We got the in-ring return of Alexa Bliss while Cody Rhodes nearly secured his first title since returning to WWE. RK-Bro managed to retain their title while challenging The Usos for a title unification match on tonight’s episode of RAW.

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