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WWE News Roundup – Vince McMahon inquired about star’s alleged cocaine problem, Former Intercontinental Champion returning at Royal Rumble? Top superstar reacts to 60-pound weight loss

Welcome to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE News Roundup, where we gather all the top stories from the ever-changing pro wrestling world.

2022 has been an unexpected year for the business as fans have already witnessed a few unforeseen developments, including Vince McMahon’s shocking retirement. It was recently revealed that the former WWE CEO raised questions about a wrestling legend’s alleged cocaine addiction.

Elsewhere, a popular babyface commented on whether he could make his WWE return at next year’s Royal Rumble. A current champion also explained his new look and why he astonishingly lost over 60 pounds.

The latest WWE News Roundup ends with a former star getting honest about the release of Braun Strowman.

#4. Vince McMahon asked Rey Mysterio if Konnan had a “cocaine problem”

Konnan recently opened up about an interesting conversation he had with Vince McMahon several years ago regarding the production of a Latin show.

The Mexican wrestling legend stated that Rey Mysterio and Bruce Prichard were also part of the discussions, which oddly moved on to Konnan’s alleged addiction to cocaine.

Vince McMahon was under the misconception that Konnan regularly consumed the stimulant drug, and he specifically asked Rey Mysterio about the rumors. Mysterio and Prichard were quick to provide clarification, as Konnan recalled on his podcast:

“Now, let me tell you what happened when I did talk to him [Vince McMahon], and I will tell you what he did tell me. Okay, so basically, I wanted to do a Latin show. It was me, him, Rey Mysterio, and Bruce Prichard. The main thing was like, for some f***ing reason, the guy thought I was on cocaine,” Konnan revealed. “He asked Bruce, and he asked Rey if I still had a cocaine problem. They said, that motherf***er doesn’t do cocaine; he smokes weed.” [H/T:]

Konnan worked for WWE in the early 1990s and was originally slated to portray the infamous ‘Max Moon’ character before backstage differences with Vince McMahon ultimately led to his departure from the company.

#3. Cody Rhodes comments on possibly returning at WWE Royal Rumble 2023

Cody Rhodes is presently rehabilitating from a nasty pectoral muscle injury, which he sustained during his preparations for Hell in a Cell.

The American Nightmare opened up about its current status during a special appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. As expected, Rhodes left the door open for a high-profile Royal Rumble return.

The former Intercontinental Champion hyped up his “phenomenal Royal Rumble stats” and noted that he would stand a great chance of cracking the top five if he attains 100% fitness before the premium live event:

“My Royal Rumble stats are top 10; they’re phenomenal,” Rhodes replied. “So if I was to come back at that event, there is a chance I could actually get up in the top five, and I’m all about that…. You never know! We’ll see.”

While Rhodes has not been provided with a definite timeline for his TV comeback, the former AEW star’s recovery is “ahead of schedule.”

I have continued:

“[My doctor] told me flat out that he’s not going to give me a timeline because he’s afraid I’m going to try and jump it. So I’m still going to try and jump it,” Cody added. [H/T: WrestlingInc]

Rhodes has crossed two months since he underwent surgery, and going by the recent updates, he could realistically make his in-ring return at the Royal Rumble in January 2023.

#two. Gunther opens up about his physical transformation

The man formerly known as WALTER looks unrecognizable after being repackaged as Gunther on WWE’s main roster.

The former NXT UK Champion recently appeared on Ryan Satin’s “Out of Character” podcast and explained his decision to shed some weight. Gunther said that while he liked his old look, he needed to lose around 60-65 pounds to be a compelling talent to a national TV audience.

The 34-year-old wrestler always anticipated a move to the big leagues and knew he needed to change some aspects of his overall presentation.

Gunther felt the “top-tier athletes” were expected to work hard on their physiques, and he too was willing to spend long hours in the gym to achieve his goals. Here’s what the reigning Intercontinental Champion told Ryan Satin about his new look:

“I knew I would be on the main roster. It’s a national television show that’s seen not just by wrestling hardcore fans. It’s seen by everybody, regular people,” Gunther stated. “Looking like I look now, I will be more appealing and stand out more than looking like I looked the way before because I think in the context I was performing before, I think I got taken serious and got away with being a serious competitor like But I think if you’re in the top league on national television every week and you want to represent the top tier athletes, you have to be in shape to do so.” [H/T:]

Gunther’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he is being pushed as a dominant champion every week on SmackDown.

#1. Rory McAllister does not understand why Vince McMahon released Braun Strowman

WWE’s decision to cut Braun Strowman from his roster in June last year sent shockwaves across the wrestling community. The former Universal Champion was seen as the ideal talent for Vince McMahon as he had also managed to become an established act on TV.

Rory McAllister is amongst the many still stunned over Strowman’s sudden exit. The former WWE star, who was part of ‘The Highlanders’ tag team from 2006 to 2008, said that The Monster Among Men was a credible performer who brought legitimacy to the kayfabe world.

McAllister praised Strowman and questioned McMahon’s call to part ways with the former Wyatt Family member:

“If you were Vince McMahon, would you have got rid of Braun Strowman?” McAllister said. “Vince, back in the day, it didn’t matter if he liked you or not; if he knew you were putting a**es in seats, then there you stayed. I thought that guy was one of the most believable people I ‘ve seen on TV in many, many years. That guy is f**king awesome.” [40:58-41:25]

With Vince McMahon now out of the picture and swirling speculation about several released stars returning to WWE, could Braun Strowman also be brought back in the near future? Would you like to see it happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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