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WWE Monday Night RAW Results June 27, 2022 Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

RAW kicked off after a short video from earlier in the night of John Cena entering the arena. Cena was greeted by the entire locker room, including officials and crew before we headed to the ring. We got a bunch of superstars already in the ring for the Battle Royal match for the last spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

#WWERaw kicks off with a #MITB Qualifying Last Chance Battle Royal!Who will win it all and punch their ticket for this Saturday?

WWE RAW Results (June 27, 2022): Battle Royal Qualifier for Money in the Bank

Veer Mahaan was dominating the match early on and nearly eliminated Riddle. Akira Tozawa was the first to be eliminated, followed by Shelton Benjamin. The Mysterios hit Veer with a double 619 and eliminated him.

Shanky and R-Truth had a little dance-off before the Skyscraper eliminated Truth. Jinder eliminated Shanky, and AJ Styles eliminated Mahal. Reggie was the next one to go, thanks to T-Bar, before we headed for a break.

Back on RAW, AJ Styles eliminated Ciampa, and Dolph Ziggler sent Dominik outside. Ziggler and The Miz teamed up against Rey. and eliminated him. Riddle was almost eliminated but managed to get back in the ring thanks to Rey Mysterio.

Ricochet was tossed out but managed to land on a ladder at ringside before jumping back onto the apron and eliminating T-Bar. After another break on RAW, Ziggler was eliminated by Nakamura before Riddle eliminated Shinsuke. Ricochet was caught by a big knee strike from AJ before being sent out of the ring.

Styles, Riddle, and The Miz were the last ones still in the match, and Styles was about to get the Phenomenal Forearm from the apron before Miz pulled him off and dropped him outside. Riddle got the Draping DDT before taking the Skull Crushing Finale in the ring.

Riddle managed to get the RKO on the apron and sent The Miz outside, picking up the win.

Result: Riddle won the Battle Royale and will join the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Grade: B

We saw John Cena backstage with The Street Profits as the WWE legend’s advised the duo to ‘never give up.’

Jay Uso vs. Montez Ford on RAW

Ford got a headlock early on, and we got some trash talking before he was dropped off the apron and sent into the steel steps by Jey. After a break on RAW, Jey was stomping away on Ford in the corner, but Montez came back with some clotheslines before taking a neckbreaker.

Montez got a big superkick in the ring before Jimmy ran interference and blocked a top rope move. Angelo wiped Jimmy out, and Jey went for a dive to the outside. Ford headed outside and took everyone down before sending Jey back to ring for a frog splash and picking up the win.

Result: Montez Ford def. jey use

Grade: B

We got a video talking about John Cena’s career in WWE before The Miz walked out and was told that Logan Paul was planning to make his return to the ring. Miz said he set up the match himself for SummerSlam and said that he will be teaming up with him once more.

We saw footage of The Miz attacking Logan after their match at WrestleMania, but Miz brushed it off and talked about becoming tag champions. He then started talking about AJ Styles, who showed up to the ring and attacked him.

AJ Styles vs. The Miz on RAW

After a break on RAW, the match was underway, and Styles got a big dropkick early on. Miz got a big diving axhandle before getting a near fall. Miz was sent outside the ring, and The Phenomenal One tried a moonsault to the outside, but the A-Lister dodged it and sent Styles into the barricades.

The Miz hit the codebreaker in the corner for a near fall before Styles tried for a rack bomb but missed. Miz got the running knee but missed the Skull Crushing Finale. Styles took Miz down and set up for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz fled the ring, causing a count-out.

Result: AJ Styles def. The Miz via count-out

Grade: B+

Backstage on RAW, John Cena ran into Ezekiel and told him never to forget who he is. He then ran into Theory, who started talking trash before trying to take a selfie with Cena, but the WWE legend walked away.

Bianca Belair was out next and called Carmella out to the ring. Mella came out, and the two argued for a bit before the former women’s champion said that she was going to take the RAW Women’s Title at Money in the Bank. Carmella tried to attack Bianca with a cheap shot, but Belair countered it and sent her outside the ring before posing with her title de ella in the ring.

Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan on RAW

Morgan took Alexa down for a hold, but it was reversed into a pin. Liv kicked out and hit a big splash in the corner. The two traded counters before taking each other out with clotheslines.

Asuka was in commentary and said that she was more concerned about Liv in the match as Alexa had her in a headlock in the ring. Alexa tried for the DDT, but Liv countered it into a rollup and got a sudden pinfall.

Result: Liv Morgan def. Alexa Bliss

Grade: C

Vince McMahon was out next to welcome John Cena to the ring. The whole locker room came out to celebrate as Cena got on the mic and said that today was his ‘WWE Birthday for him.’

“For 20 years, you have created an environment for me to be my true self. You’ve also been brave enough to tell me when I suck and you’ve also been kind enough to tell me when I don’t.”@John Cena #WWERaw

Cena was teary-eyed as he thanked the fans for supporting him for two decades before talking about possibly returning to the ring sometime in the near future. He even mentioned that he still had multiple matches left in his career.

Cena got a big reaction from the crowd as he walked out after handing his armbands, cap, and t-shirt to the crowd.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Alpha Academy – Handicap Match on RAW

Theory was outside the ring as a ‘guest enforcer,’ and Lashley was dominating in the ring early on against Otis. Theory caused a distraction and made sure that The Alpha Academy took Lashley down at ringside before Otis him with a splash.

Back after a break on RAW, Gable was about to be hit with a superplex, but Otis came back in and took Lashley down with a powerbomb. Lashley took Otis down with an electric chair before getting the Hurt Lock in for the win.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. The Alpha Academy

After the match, all three heels were in the ring, beating down on Lashley before the former WWE Champion took Otis and Chad Gable down and hit Theory with a spear.

Grade: C+

Cody Rhodes was in a short segment and said that his doctors still think that he needs about nine more months before he will be able to compete in the ring. He hyped the upcoming matches at Money in the Bank and said that he was eagerly waiting to get back to action.

Seth Rollins was backstage and made fun of John Cena, recalling the time when he broke the WWE legend’s nose in a match. Omos and MVP showed up as well, and the latter said that Omos had an advantage and would dominate the ladder match on Saturday at Money in the Bank.

Last Chance MITB Qualifier Elimination Match on RAW

Doudrop and Tamina cleared the ring early on and were battling it out before Doudrop took the veteran out and tossed her outside. Becky returned to the ring and took Doudrop down before hitting Xia Li with the Manhandle Slam for the elimination.

Doudrop was in next and hit Baszler with a cannonball before Becky locked in the disarmer on Nikki ASH, eliminating her as well. Doudrop was at the end of a Tower of Doom before hitting Shayna Baszler with a splash and eliminating her.

Tamina was in control but missed a splash on Becky, who fled outside, only to be taken down by Doudrop. She hit Tamina with the splash in the corner and got the elimination.

Becky took Doudrop up to the top rope and hit the Manhandle Slam from up there before picking up the win.

Result: Becky Lynch won the MITB Qualifier match

Grade: B+

Episode rating: B+

We got a great RAW before Money in the Bank with the return of John Cena and Riddle securing his spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. We got the final MITB qualifiers and an update on Cody Rhodes’ medical status on the RAW before Money in the Bank.

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