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Winners, News And Notes On March 21, 2022

WWE Raw, from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Ill., advertised Becky Lynch addressing her attack on Bianca Belair, Finn Balor vs. Austin Theory, the return of AJ Styles, and RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy.

Last week’s broadcast of Raw garnered 1.7 billion.

  • March 14, 2022—1.7 billion
  • March 7, 2022—1.775 million
  • February 28, 2022—1.753 million
  • February 21, 2022—1.825 million
  • February 14, 2022—1.602 million

  • WWE Raw Venue: Allstate Arena (Rosemont, Ill.)
  • WWE Raw Tickets Distributed: 7,988
  • WWE Raw Tickets Available: 373

WWE Raw Total YouTube Viewership Last Monday—7,899,495 (Up from 6,482,808)

  • Most-Viewed: Omos vs. Commander Azeez (2,380,223 views)
  • Least-Viewed: Edge Promo (296,223 views)
  • Median Viewership: 489,214 views

WWE Raw Results | Monday, March 21, 2022

Kevin Owens Mocks Stone Cold Steve Austin

From the second I heard the glass break, I knew this was going to be a ruse. The same cannot be said for the thousands in attendance at the Allstate Arena.

This was the rare instance where Kevin Owens, the WWE Superstar, was giving the people the “what” treatment.

Kevin Owens has been tasked with carrying this entire storyline leading up to WrestleMania, and he’s done it fantastically.

Following this segment, Seth Rollins conducted a brief interview where WWE was all too happy to let fans chant “Cody.”

The Mysteries def. The Dirty Dawgz

The Miz appeared on commentary, and at one point, Jimmy Smith mentioned Dominik Mysterio had studied wrestling all his life. “That’s why he’s so fluid, Miz,” said Smith. I’m sure it wasn’t meant as a slight to Miz’s in-ring work by Smith, but I choose to believe it was.

Seth Rollins interrupted this match for the first time, only to get his mic (kayfabe) cut off.

The Miz ripped Rey Mysterio’s mask off, and for a second, I thought I was watching WWE Dynamite.

Omos def. Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez

“Big Green guys” generally get written off by the Internet Wrestling Monolith, but last week’s match btwn Azeez and Omos is closing in on 3M YouTube views, by far the most views of any segment on Raw. YouTube views aren’t the end-all be-all, but it’s something.

Word on the street is Omos is going to have a singles match at WrestleMania. Word on the street, is that opponent is going to be Bobby Lashley in what should be a short, fun match.

AJ Styles Appears Live

Seth Rollins is the only man in wrestling dressed to go to prom but sadly he still can’t find a date.

Seth Rollins was given yet another chance to stake somebody’s WrestleMania spot, this time in the form of AJ Styles. This storyline is trending toward Rollins having to “buy a ticket” to WrestleMania.

Natalya and Shayna Baszler def. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

Carmella and Zelina Vega haven’t even lost the titles yet and they’re already brawling backstage. Fortunately for them, the brawl turned out to be part of an evil plan.

The women’s tag title match is turning into the tag team version of the Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal where they’re just randomly paired together and featured in a group match just to get on the card.

Becky Lynch Appears Live

Becky Lynch essentially cut an Edge promo where she sat down in a chair in the middle of the ring, and she knocked it out of the park.

Becky Lynch was actually able to garner “Becky sucks” chants in the smark-infested city of Chicago. That’s impressive.

Finn Balor def. austin theory

Pat McAfee was announced as a guest commentator and, as always, he got a huge pop.

Pat McAfee watching this match was almost as entertaining as the match itself.

Austin Theory might have been booked to look weaker than anybody else on the card.

RK-Bro def. Alpha Academy

WrestleMania will see a rematch of the Triple Threat Raw Tag Team Championship match. That same match on Raw could have easily passed for a WrestleMania-caliber tag team match.

For those wondering, the word “shoooosh” is spelled with four “r’s.”

In the year 2022, Chad Gable has gotten over: “Shoooosh,” “Look at that Face!” “A-thankyou!” and “Don’t boo education!” and there’s still nine months left in the year.

Starting with the WWE Raw After Mania, WWE might have the Daniel Bryan problem on its hands with Chad Gable.

The Street Profits paid homage to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in Chicago Bulls-inspired gear.

Reggie and Dana Brooke vs. Akira Tozawa and Tamina

This is the only feud that feels like it keeps rerouting on the road to WrestleMania.

This entire show bottomed out when this match began with a chicken fight between the two teams.

AJ Styles def. Seth Rollins by Disqualification

Seth Rollins might legitimately be approaching the record for most failed attempts to make it to WrestleMania.

Fans in Chicago were holding out hope that they’d see Cody Rhodes, but all signs point to Rhodes debuting at WrestleMania.

This match was good and all, but nothing was going to top their underrated classic from Money in the Bank 2019.

I’m okay with AJ Styles winning by disqualification. Nobody got pinned and it furthered Edge’s continued descent into madness.

Seth Rollins seemed to be paying homage to Bret Hart in 1997 following his steel cage loss to Sycho Sid.


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