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Who Would Be On The Mount Rushmore Of AEW?

Tony Khan and company have spent the last several years building All Elite Wrestling up from nothing, into a global powerhouse that competes with industry giants like WWE in ways that many thought were impossible. In the 4 years that the company has existed thus far, an incredible bar has already been set by a roster of passionate pro-wrestlers who have made their definitive mark on the brand, truly making it their own. The following 4 men are the very definition of elite.

(Tag teams and the women’s roster deserve articles of their own, for all of their incredible work.)


Chris Jericho Has Cemented His Position As One Of The Greatest Of All Time During His AEW Run

Chris Jericho was a legend in the industry before ever walking through the doors of All Elite Wrestling. His work in WWE was nothing short of incredible and there is little to no doubt that he will find his way into the Hall of Fame in time. The pre-AEW chapters of Jericho’s story could fill an entire book. In fact, they actually have! “The Complete List of Jericho” tells you everything that you need to know about his incredible career.

When Jericho decided to make the jump from WWE to AEW after creative differences, it set the wrestling world on fire. AEW excitement was already going strong before this, but Jericho really brought some mainstream legitimacy and credibility at a time when it was desperately needed. Although hardcore fans already knew that something special was happening, Chris Jericho brought the eyes of hardcore and casual fans alike to AEW screens and arenas during a pivotal building period. Loyal Jericho fans excitedly tuned in to see what the legendary wrestler was going to do next.

Jericho stepped up for the company in a huge way when he took on the responsibility of becoming AEW’s inaugural world champion. After defeating “Hangman” Adam Page at All Out in 2019, he set the absolute standard for what a world champion should be. His reign of 182 days was critical in establishing the longevity of AEW, and he delivered in every way.

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On top of his run as champion, he has built up a great number of AEW stars. The likes of MJF and Sammy Guevara have benefited massively from working alongside him in groups like the Inner Circle and the Jericho Appreciation Society. He has more than earned his spot atop the mountain. Cheers to you Chris, help yourself to a little bit of celebratory bubbly.

Jon Moxley Redefined Himself And Took Back His Legacy In AEW

If you’re ever looking for a story that will inspire you to bet on yourself, look no further than Jon Moxley. Although Chris Jericho was the first major player to jump from AEW to WWE, he certainly wasn’t the last. Even though Moxley saw great success in WWE, audiences could always tell that he had so much more to give. His potential was capped in WWE and everyone knew it. He has since gone on to prove that and so much more throughout his AEW run.

When he defeated Chris Jericho to become AEW World Champion, wrestling fans collectively lost their minds, His 277-day reign was a masterclass of storytelling, and he has recently taken up the mantle for the second time in the absence of an injured CM Punk. To add even more to the mix, his great work by him with the Blackpool Combat Club alongside the likes of William Regal, Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli is only just getting started. Moxley truly encapsulates everything that makes pro wrestling so great.

Kenny Omega Has Proven That You Can Find Massive Success In The Wrestling Industry Without A WWE Stage

When talking about wrestlers who have made it big outside the WWE sphere, it’s almost impossible to not bring up Kenny Omega. Many wrestling fans consider him to be the greatest pro wrestler in the world today. His 346-day reign as AEW World Champion is the longest run yet! One of the things that make his run from him so impressive is that he strapped multiple companies on his back from him at once. During his AEW reign, he also held other titles including the IMPACT World Championship. His exemplary work and match quality of him more than speak for themselves. Kenny has absolutely earned his spot here and wrestling fans ca n’t wait for his return from him.

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CM Punk Is Taking AEW To New Heights

This 4th and final spot was admittedly the hardest on this list. Not because CM Punk hasn’t earned it, but because there are so many talented members of the AEW roster who have made their case. MJF and “Hangman” Adam Page were both top contenders here.

When you look at the big picture, however, the impact that CM Punk has already had on AEW is massive. His return from him to the world of pro-wrestling after a seven-year absence brought plenty of new eyes to AEW that had never watched the product before. Tony Khan himself has noted this on many occasions, proudly stating that Punk has helped to increase year-over-year business at several massive events. Pro-wrestling fans all over the world have rediscovered their passion for the sport through his journey.

At a time when AEW is poised to take more market share from WWE in a post-Vince McMahon era, Punk’s presence is more crucial than ever. His run from him as AEW champion has definitely gotten off to a rocky start due to injury, but there is little doubt that he will return and take back the title that he never lost, bringing it to new heights and continuing to craft his legacy from the. The company will only continue to grow larger with him at the forefront!

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