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UFC on ESPN 31 play-by-play and live results

Round 1 – The main event kicks off with a touch of gloves. Font charges forward with punches early as Aldo tries to get a read on his opponent. Font lands a nice combination as Aldo circles away on the outside. After an exchange of punches, Font shoots for a takedown and ends up on Aldo’s back against the fence. They jockey for position for a moment but Aldo breaks free. Once back in space they exchange punches. Font works behind a left jab and mixes in a kick to the body. Remaining aggressive, Font continues to go first with punches as Aldo tries to time a counter strike. The left jab continues from Font as Aldo circles. Aldo then rips a hard punch to the body. They continue to exchange punches. Aldo lands a clean right hand out of nowhere to wobble Font. Aldo closes in as Font goes to the canvas but the round comes to an end before a finish could come. Aldo steals the round with the close-call. MMA Junkie scores it 10-9 for Aldo.

Round 2 – They touch gloves and get back to the punching exchanges in the center of the cage. Font still firing first with his left hand and puts together a nice combination that Aldo eats. Font offers a kick and a punch to the body, but it’s Aldo who is starting to move forward a bit now. Moments later, Aldo fires off a hard right hand to knock Font back. Aldo tries to follow up again but Font is able to circle out of danger. Back to the left jab, Font keeps with his offense despite getting hurt. A hard exchange of right hands occurs. Aldo rips a punch to the body and Font responds with a leg kick. Aldo lands a nice two-punch combo. Font goes for a takedown but is shaken off by Aldo, who goes back to the body with punches. Aldo checks a kick from Font and lands a punch in return. The round comes to a close and MMA Junkie scores the second round 10-9 for Aldo.

Round 3 – A fast pace to start the third round with hard exchanges of punches and kicks. Aldo lands an outside leg kick and begins to move forward more aggressively than before in this fight. Font shoots for a takedown but Aldo reverses and ends up on top in half guard in the center of the cage. Aldo transitions to side control and lands a nice short elbow. Font gets back to guard a moment later and begins to work for an armbar, but Aldo is wise to it. Font works his way back to the feet and they go right back to trading punches on the feet. Font’s left jab finds the mark a couple of times but Aldo lands a sweeping leg kick to take Font off his feet. Aldo allows him to get back up and the exchanges continue until the round concludes. MMA Junkie scores the third 10-9 for Aldo.

Round 4 – Aldo’s right eye is clearly swollen to start the round. They get right back to the exchanges but it’s Aldo who lands flush with a clean combination of punches, causing Font to back away in pain. Aldo lands again and ends up on top of Font, who is clearly hurt. Aldo works from half guard, but Font is holding on well and getting time to recover in this position. Aldo eventually gets to mount, but only for a split-second as Font gets back to full guard. Font gets his feet on the hips and begins to land elbows from his back. Aldo steps over into mount again for a moment but Font quickly gets back to half guard. The round ends with Aldo on top, and the shutout continues as Aldo takes it 10-9.

Round 5 – After hearing his corner say he needs a finish, Font comes out aggressively to start the round. Aldo covers up and evades Font’s strikes. Font goes for a jumping knee but it is blocked. They end up in a clinch with Font pressing Aldo against the cage. A nice elbow lands from Font on the exit. Aldo presses forward after the separation, but Font clinches again and puts Aldo’s back against the fence again. Font lands a few short left hands, but they don’t seem to bother Aldo. He switches to elbows which causes Aldo to push Font away. Aldo then begins to land clean punches that wobble Font again. Font goes down and Aldo takes his back from him. Font tries to scramble from the bottom but Aldo stays heavy on top and maintains the position. Aldo switches to a body triangle and a rear-naked choke attempt. The choke was deep but Font was able to escape. The fight concludes and the shutout by Aldo is complete. MMA Junkie scores the fight 50-45 for Aldo.

Result: Jose Aldo def. Rob Font via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)
recap: UFC on ESPN 31 results: Resurgent Jose Aldo outworks Rob Font to get back in title conversation
Photos: UFC on ESPN 31: Best photos from Las Vegas
records: Rob Font (19-5 MMA, 9-4 UFC) vs. Jose Aldo (31-7 MMA, 13-6 UFC)
Division: Bantamweight
Broadcast: ESPN/ESPN+
referee: Keith Peterson
judging: Derek Cleary, Sal D’Amato, Junichiro Kamijo


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