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UFC 271 play-by-play and live results

Round 1 – The middleweight championship rematch begins with both fighters sizing each other up in the center of the cage. Whittaker misses with a leg kick. Adesanya lands one of his own from him. Whittaker lands an oblique kick. A snappy left jab is thrown by Adesanya as Whittaker moves away. A leg kick from Whittaker slaps the lead leg of Adesanya. Whittaker buckles Adesanya’s left leg with an oblique kick, but Adesanya did not seem bothered by it and he throws a trio of leg kicks of his own moments later. Dueling chants break out in the Toyota Center as the fighters offer feints and plan their next move. Out of nowhere, a clean left hand from Adesanya drops Whittaker. The champ closes in, but Whittaker pops up and circles away. A takedown attempt from Whittaker is stuffed. Adesanya feints a couple of strikes. As Whittaker closes in, Adesanya lands a knee and a punch. The champ stuffs another takedown attempt. A hard kick to the body finds its mark and the round comes to close seconds later. MMA Junkie scores the opening round 10-9 for Adesanya.

Round 2 – Adesanya starts off the second with a few feints but Whittaker is looking to land his strikes. Whittaker just misses with a big head kick. Moments after Adesanya blisters him with a combination that gets the crowd excited. A front kick from the champ just misses. Chants of “Let’s go Izzy” fill the arena. Whittaker charges forward with a left, but Adesanya evades and counters with an uppercut. Whittaker misses with a big right hand. A second later though, he lands a left as Adesanya tried to counter. Another head kick from Whittaker misses and Adesanya answers with a leg kick. Whittaker then shoots in for a takedown and gets Adesanya to the mat, but the champ never stops moving and quickly works his way back to the feet. Whittaker keeps the clinch but they break apart a moment later. Adesanya lands an inside leg kick and a head kick soon after. Whittaker lands an outside leg kick. After a lull in the action, Adesanya goes for a head kick but Whittaker blocks it. The second round comes to close. MMA Junkie scores the second round 10-9 for Whittaker.

Round 3 – Whittaker tries for an oblique kick to start the third and misses. He goes to the same strike again with similar results. Adesanya misses with a head kick. Whittaker looks for the left hand but misses and Adesanya lands a kick to the body. Whittaker lands a left hand and the champ answers with another kick to the body. An outside leg kick lands for Adesanya. Whittaker lands a left hand to start an exchange of punches, but the champ lands clean as well. Whittaker times a kick from Adesanya and goes for a takedown, but is unsuccessful. Adesanya attempts a head kick but Whittaker dips under and gets a takedown. The champ quickly gets back to his feet from him, but Whittaker keeps the body lock and looks to bring the fight back to the mat again. Adesanya grabs a standing kimura and Whittaker releases his hold on him. Adesanya then lands a nice combination. A left hand from Whittaker finds the mark. They exchange punches again and a kick is blocked from the champ before the round ends. MMA Junkie scores the third 10-9 for Adesanya.

Round 4 – Whittaker comes out looking to land the oblique kick early again, but the champ is ready. A body kick from Adesanya follows. The champ lands a leg kick and Whittaker just misses with a strike of his own. A moment later Whittaker lands a nice left as Adesanya closed in. Whittaker shoots in and completes a takedown. As Adesanya scrambled, Whittaker jumped on his back. back and slapped on a standing rear-naked choke. Adesanya remained calm and shook his opponent off. The champ then misses with a head kick as Whittaker circles on the outside. They trade punches and Adesanya lands a leg kick at the end. A kick is checked by Adesanya. Whittaker lands a nice punch as Adesanya lands a kick and the exchanges begin heating up. Whittaker starts for a takedown but opts to throw an uppercut instead. A nice exchange of punches occurs, with Adesanya landing a nice counter at the end. Whittaker clinches against the fence but Adesanya breaks free. Whittaker lands a nice punch and Adesanya partially lands a head kick before the round ends. MMA Junkie scores the round 10-9 for Adesanya.

Round 5 – Whittaker looks for the left hand to start the final round, but Adesanya answers back with a punch. An outside leg kick lands for the champ, but Whittaker lands a punch in response. Adesanya lands a kick to the body and another a second later. Adesanya lands a front kick, but doesn’t quite get all of it. They exchange leg kicks and Adesanya lands a punch just before Whittaker shoots in. The attempt is stuffed. Adesanya accidentally pokes Whittaker in the eye and the action is briefly paused. Once they resume, Whittaker shoots in for a takedown and nearly completes the attempt, keeping the champ pinned against the cage. Adesanya lands a knee before they separate. Whittaker doubles up his left jab. Whittaker slows the offense of the champ by going for another takedown, which results in a clinic against the cage, and boos from the crowd. Whittaker goes for the takedown again but Adesanya keeps his balance. In the final moments while Whittaker is keeping the body lock, Adesanya lands punches to the head and body while riling up the crowd. The fight concludes in the clinch and the fight goes to the scorecards. MMA Junknie scores the final round 10-9 for Whittaker, but the fight goes to the champ, 48-47.

Result: Israel Adesanya def. Robert Whittaker via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)
recap: UFC 271 results: Israel Adesanya outpoints Robert Whittaker, retains title in rematch
Photos: Israel Adesanya def. Robert Whittaker at UFC 271: Best photos
records: Israel Adesanya (22-1 MMA, 11-1 UFC), Robert Whittaker (23-6 MMA, 14-4 UFC)
Division: Middleweight
Broadcast: pay-per-view
referee: Herb Dean
judging: Jacob Montalvo, Doug Crosby, Mike Beltran


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