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The 10 Wrestlers With The Best Gear In AEW

While most look to promo ability and in-ring skills for judging a wrestler, one area that sometimes gets overlooked is that of the wrestling gear. Presentation is a key part of a wrestler’s success and creating a unique look comes in turn, with many of the most popular, well-beloved superstars in wrestling having iconic looks to match their other skills.

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Whether it be honing in on one key look to make themselves stand out, or changing up their gear regularly to keep it fresh while displaying new, engaging looks, a number of AEW wrestlers have been able to stand out over the past three years with some of the best wrestling gear in the company.

10 Hook

While his gear may not be the flashiest in all of professional wrestling, one thing that AEW star Hook’s wrestling gear does well is setting him apart from his peers.

Donning a pair of boxing shorts, with boots and hand wrap to complete the look, Hook tends to not dress like a typical wrestler, rather coming out with a boxing fighter-style of look. As soon as he makes his entrance, fans know that they’re going to see something special with the son of Taz, and it starts with his ring attire from him.

9 Orange Cassidy

While the gear may be basic, it would be hard to talk about the best gear in AEW without mentioning the Master of Lazy Style, Orange Cassidy. Sporting an all denim look is a hard style to pull off, and yet, Cassidy manages.

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Always sporting the same gear, Cassidy’s denim jacket with denim joggers has become quite the symbol for AEW, with Orange Cassidy firmly cemented as one of the company’s top stars. Should the man ever change up his gear, it will certainly be a shocking moment for all.


8 Kiera Hogan

One of the young stars of AEW’s women’s division, Kiera Hogan has gone from an AEW Dark regular to appearing on AEW Dynamite almost every week thanks to her addition into Jade Cargill’s Baddies faction. In doing so, Kiera has gotten a chance to show off a bit more, with some of the coolest-looking gear in the women’s division.

Often sporting blue, black, and red gear, Kiera’s attire features flames that match her colored hair. She has also busted out a white gear set in the past in Impact Wrestling, though it has not been used in AEW yet. Regardless, following a great singles showing against Athena, Kiera Hogan is one to watch in AEW moving forward, as her gear game is!

7 Yuta Wheeler

Since joining the Best Friends in AEW, Wheeler Yuta has been referred to by many as one of the future stars of the company. Yuta would eventually leave the faction in favor of joining William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club, and after a star-making match against Jon Moxley, the rest was history.

Now reigning as the ROH Pure Champion, Yuta has changed up his gear to include several variants, with his white, blood-soaked design being the standout that he debuted after his bloody battle against Jon Moxley.

6 Anna Jay

Prior to joining the Dark Order, Anna Jay featured as “The Star of the Show” before then becoming the Queenslayer. In both of her characters, Anna has nailed the gear department with some of the best-looking outfits in all of AEW. Whether it be her her purple / black Dark Order gear, any of her her matching attires as a part of TayJay, or her her magician-style gear, Anna Jay always kills it in that department.

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Having just turned heel during AEW Fyter Fest 2022, Anna Jay seems to no longer be a part of Dark Order, which means that with her re-aligned with Tay Conti, new gear could be on the horizon for the heel duo.

5 Hangman Page

Despite losing his AEW World Championship to CM Punk at AEW Double or Nothing 2022, Hangman Page remains one of the most popular wrestlers in AEW, even without much of a creative direction currently. On top of that however, Page also has some of the most unique gear around.

Living up to his Cowboy Sh*t moniker, Hangman Adam Page dresses the part as AEW’s resident cowboy, complete with chaps and a cowboy-like vest. Sporting a few variations over his AEW career he has helped the former champion stand out, with some great looking attires so far over the past three years.

4 wrestling bros

One would be hard-pressed to find cooler wrestlers than the Lucha Bros. Real-life brothers, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix ​​maintain their certified cool factor not only through being some of the best wrestlers on the planet, but also by always sporting the best gear on whatever shows they appear on.

Regardless of the theme, Fenix ​​and Penta can always be counted on to deliver the goods, with Penta’s solo Joker and Venom gear standing out as some of the overall best in all of AEW, and the duo’s special attire from All Out 2021 standing out as the team’s best look.

3 hikaru shida

Despite falling off of her regular TV appearances, Hikaru Shida remains one of the most well-liked women’s wrestlers in AEW. For AEW Dark: Elevation fans, that can be seen every Monday when Shida makes her entrance from her and gets a huge reaction regularly.

While Shida has faded from AEW television, she still does wrestle on their YouTube shows while also regularly wrestling back in Japan across a number of Joshi promotions. Sporting a number of different robes and several different-looking attires, Hikaru Shida still has some of the best looks in AEW’s women’s division.

two Thunder Pink

The current leader of AEW’s Women’s Division, Thunder Rosa is in the midst of her reign as AEW Women’s World Champion, and while fans have clamored for more for Rosa to do as champion following some lackluster booking, Rosa has maintained her position as the figurehead of the division.

One is that fans can agree on in regard to Thunder Rosa, is that she has undeniably proven that she has the best gear out of any of the women in AEW, and some of the best across all active women’s divisions. Often changing up her gear and face paint, Thunder Rosa has provided some iconic looks, whether it be as Wolverine from the X-Men, The Bride from Kill Bill, showing off her Mexican heritage de ella, or paying tribute to Uvalde.

1 Kenny Omega

While fans continue to await the return of AEW’s first major star, they can go back and look at Kenny Omega’s greatest hits from 2019, 2020, and 2021. In doing so, All Elite Wrestling fans will be able to see why Kenny Omega consistently has some of the best gear not only in AEW, but in all of wrestling.

Whether it involves him cosplaying as a Final Fantasy Character, Sans from Undertale, the Tune Squad from Space Jam, or being a totally original gear piece, Omega’s gear designs are always a treat for those that care about cool-looking attires. Upon his return from him, fans can not only look forward to the resurgence of the Best Bout Machine, but also can look forward to seeing what fun gear Omega busts out next!

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