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Sonya Deville Has Once Again Been Forgotten By WWE

Currently, WWE doesn’t have a wealth of roster depth, which has meant shows stagnate with weekly rematches, repetitive booking, and the same faces at the top over and over again. However, even with these issues regarding depth, WWE still neglects several of their own wrestlers, with them not being featured as much as they should. There is a list of names which includes the likes of Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and T-Bar, who are all very talented but never get a shot. Someone who has had a very stop and start time recently is Sonya Deville, with WWE seemingly forgetting how talented she is.


Sonya Deville Has Earned A Consistent A Spot In WWE

Sonya Deville has been a part of WWE’s main roster for five years, and in that time, she hasn’t held a single championship, and has had very few important PPV matches. However, time and time again she has proven to be a great all-round performer with a clear natural ability. Deville only started her career in 2015, and in two years she had found herself called up to Raw, showing just how quickly she took to professional wrestling.

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After a fun partnership with Mandy Rose, which resulted in a break-up and match at SummerSlam 2020, Deville became absent from television. She would eventually return in an authority figure role. While the content of her storylines and promos de ella were n’t always the greatest, her delivery and execution de ella was always consistently good, providing yet another one of her qualities de ella, with her being both strong inside the ring and on the microphone. However, since her role as an authority figure has come to an end, her time as an active performer has n’t been great thus far.

Sonya Deville Keeps Disappearing From WWE TV

It felt high time for Deville to delve back into being a full-time competitor, and that transition began happening at the start of 2022 during a feud with Naomi, with Deville steadily competing more and more. Just after WrestleMania 38, Deville was no longer in control of Raw or SmackDown, and it seemed that she was set for a feud with Bianca Belair over the Raw Women’s Championship. This was a very promising direction, as it would see someone fresh and new in the title scene, but instead of stretching this out to a PPV, Belair and Deville had one match on Raw, and that was that.

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For a few weeks, Deville struggled to find any sort of momentum, losing both in tag team and singles matches without seeming like a threat, which felt completely backwards due to her being built up so much in her authority figure role as an arrogant, smart , and strong individual. She would then go missing from TV for a month, returning to lose in a handicap match to Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez as comeuppance, but it usually feels counterproductive to book heels in handicap matches. She would then disappear for yet another month following that.

Sonya Deville Has Potential To Be A Women’s Champion If WWE Stops Forgetting About Her

With the women’s divisions on both Raw and SmackDown seriously lacking at the moment, it is completely ridiculous to not utilize Deville in any capacity. However, it felt like WWE just kept forgetting about her. On a recent episode of SmackDown, Deville rocked up yet again, but instead of a new direction or gimmick, she saw herself once again be punished by her former colleague Adam Pearce, losing a glorified squash match to Rodriguez.

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It wouldn’t even be surprising if this was just a case of WWE looking for an opponent to make Rodriguez look strong, and suddenly remembering Deville exists, using her to put over another competitor. If Deville was to remain absent, it also wouldn’t be a surprise given how misused and neglected she has been as a performer. There is so much potential in Deville, with her still being under 30 years old, and due to her being one of the most well-rounded individuals in the division.

With the recent news of Vince McMahon retiring, there may be a renewed hope that Deville can find her way back to regularly appearing on television. There is certainly a place for her de ella in either title scene, or even in a non-title storyline, which the division desperately needs in order to create more stars and viable title challengers. WWE has forgotten about Deville on too many occasions recently, and it simply isn’t good enough for someone who offers so much. She has future champion written all over her de ella, but that prospect will steadily decline if she is continued to be booked weakly or continued to be not booked at all.

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