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Small company in Minnesota town licensed to make MLB memorabilia

It all started with a tree limb, house paint and two baseball-loving boys in southern Minnesota.

The Pillbox Bat Company, in Winona, started from the hands of Zak Fellman and Dan Watson in the 1990s. And now, their company has been officially licensed to make Major League Baseball memorabilia for all 30 teams.

The company makes specialty baseball bats that are typically not used for the game itself. The bats are sold to the likes of baseball fans, collectors and appreciators of art. However, the bats are yet to be licensed with the MLB due to Louisville Slugger’s exclusive contract with the league. But wood pennants, coasters and everything else listed on its website is exclusive with MLB as of this summer. In addition, the company also makes products related to the Negro Leagues, MLB Hall of Fame and the University of Notre Dame.


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