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Paul Wight Discusses An AEW All Out 2022 Comeback

AEW’s Paul Wight is set to star in the film Marcus soon where he plays a security guard named Gus Hoffman where he helps the title character deal with his own personal demons. Just as in the movie, Paul Wight has some advice for other giants in wrestling and may also make a return to AEW’s ring at their All Out PPV. MuscleMan Malcolm discusses that with Wight here in our exclusive interview.

Paul Wight Returning In The Ring At AEW All Out?

Last year at All Elite Wrestling’s biggest show, AEW All Out fans got to see Wight (fka Big Show) make an in-ring return as he quickly deposed of QT Marshall. Nowadays, you can catch Wight as a commentator on AEW Dark Elevation while also helping talent behind the scene.


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Wight has hinted that we may see him back in the ring very soon and possibly at this year’s All Out:

“Oh we’re definitely looking, there’s so much incredible young talent in AEW. We’ve brought in so much incredible talent between Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Christian. There’s always an opportunity to work with that younger talent and get out there. I’ve been focusing on the commentary part of it. If anything comes up storyline-wise, there are a few things Tony Khan and I have been working together on off the books that we’re trying to find place to put it in. At this stage in the game to be honest with you, for me, it’s stepping in, having a little bit of fun, playing around not really stealing the spotlight from anyone else because I don’t have to. Enhancing the show and just making the show just a little bit better if I can and lack of a better term, popping the crowd.”

In the world of professional wrestling there’s a few bigger names when you think of giants than Andre The Giant and Paul Wight. Wight has won more championships in the business than any other man his size. A multiple-time holder of World Championships in WCW, WWE, and ECW.

Paul Wight On WWE’s Omos & The Future Of Giants In Wrestling

Speaking with Wight he discusses how current giants can make it in this day and age of the business and the future of giants in professional wrestling:

“It’s a burden I wouldn’t want to stick on any giant. I used to get stuck with that a lot back in the day. Even though it was my character of being the next Andre, nobody wants that burden. I think Omos is doing a great job with how they’re introducing him, AJ Styles did a great job of helping to build Omos, and so is Bobby Lashley. Omos just needs to get reps in. That’s the main thing when you learn to get reps in you’ll see a difference. They’re doing really good at keeping these guys within their wheelhouse of what they can do. If fans are patient they will evolve it’s just a matter of letting them evolve.

Wight also took the opportunity to discuss a recently signed AEW wrestler Satnam Singh who he believes is improving quickly:

We got an incredible talent in AEW that I’m excited about, Satnam Singh. He’s like 7’2 maybe 360lbs. He’s an incredible athlete, an ex-basketball player, so he has good footwork, he’s got the big giant hands and the whole 9 yards. I’ve worked him the past few weeks in the ring, and he’s picking it up really fast. They’re still green they need time to get their reps in and get it done. I don’t think people understand when I started in WCW my first match was against Hulk Hogan, but I was out working every weekend on live event house shows against Sting, or against Macho (Randy Savage), Ric (Flair), or Arn Anderson 4 to 5 nights a week, and I was only on TV once a week. It’s just getting the reps in and learning from your teachers.

Wight also asked that fans be patient with these giants as they were with him in the WWE:

“When I went to the WWE, I was under The Undertaker’s learning tree for probably 10 years. I was too stupid to get out from under that tree. It’s about these guys’ time to adjust and not rush them. You can’t expect Omos or some of these other giants to work to the level of like a Kane or an Undertaker right off the bat. Give them time to get their reps in and be patient. Hopefully, the audience will do that. It’s tough because the business has changed with mixed martial arts and the way the business has gone to more high spots and higher entertaining bumps and more charismatic characters on the microphone. The business has evolved. The days of Giants of old, I don’t know I think those days are numbered, I think you’re going to have to find someone that’s big but also extremely athletic and mobile. than post up baby.”

The full interview with Paul Wight can be seen here:

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