Newcastle United 1-0 Chelsea: Premier League – because it occurred | Premier League

The final whistle goes and there’s a predictable bout of pushing and shoving as Chelsea’s frustrations boil over. They will go into the winter break on a run of five league games without a win, while Newcastle leapfrog Tottenham into third.

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At last, we have our opener. Almirón latches on to a bouncing ball, escapes Kalidou Koulibaly, controls it twice with his head and dribbles it over to Willock, who casually curls it into the back of the net.

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We’re back in action at St James’ Park.

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Neither side have been at their best, but Newcastle have looked more likely to make a breakthrough. Chelsea’s attack has been utterly leaden for long stretches, even if their defence has largely held up well under pressure.


Elsewhere …

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Chelsea get us started. Broja is fouled almost immediately by Fabian Schär, giving the visitors a free kick out wide on the left.

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Asked about Hall’s first Premier League appearance, Potter is full of praise for the 18-year-old. “You saw his quality against Manchester City [in the Carabao Cup in midweek], he’s calm underneath stress, he can take the ball and take accountability. He will get up and down the pitch, he provides you good width and assaults the field when he can.


“He miscued a pair towards Man Metropolis within the week, however [he’s got a] nice perspective and a great temperament. So, once more, it’s thrilling for him and I’m trying ahead to seeing him play.”

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… and here’s the Chelsea lineup.

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— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) November 12, 2022

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Here’s Eddie Howe’s starting XI.


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It’s going to be an introspective Christmas for Graham Potter if Chelsea drop more points this evening. Winless in four in the Premier League and down to eighth, the new manager bounce is well and truly over. Having said that he intends to use the winter break “to rejuvenate, to recover, to reflect and to improve”, Potter could do with something positive to ruminate over. Another setback here would conjure up bleak images of him sporting an enormous shaggy beard, sitting in an isolated cabin in the Swedish tundra somewhere and staring absently into a log fire with the wind whistling outside.


Of course, with Newcastle up to third and looking ominously good, Chelsea will need a much-improved performance to emerge victorious. With two goals in their last four matches, their faltering attack has been an area of particular concern. Newcastle, meanwhile, have the joint-best defence in the league, having conceded only 11 goals all season. That could be a troublesome combination for the visitors.

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Key occasions

Time to wrap issues up, then. Due to all those that wrote in. The final phrase goes to Ryan Value, who obtained some perception on the origins of the time period “stonewall” from Martin in Zürich. “Inform Martin to e mail me, I reside in Zürich too.” Soccer reside blogs, forging friendships since 2022.

This is Louise Taylor’s report from St James’ Park, for these on the lookout for some additional studying.

This is one other stat which makes grim studying for Chelsea. That is the primary time they’ve misplaced three video games on the bounce in all competitions since 2002 (excluding matches determined by penalty shootout).

Chris Waddle, the previous Newcastle midfielder, is jubilant over on BBC Radio 5 Stay. “Newcastle deserved it,” he says. “That little bit of pushing and shoving from Chelsea was probably the most struggle we now have seen from all of them evening.”

What are Opta saying? They know their stats, there is no denying it.

3 – Newcastle will likely be within the Premier League’s prime three at Christmas for the primary time because the 2001-02 season, once they have been prime of the desk on Christmas Day (later went on to complete 4th). Severe.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) November 12, 2022


3 – Newcastle will likely be within the Premier League’s prime three at Christmas for the primary time because the 2001-02 season, once they have been prime of the desk on Christmas Day (later went on to complete 4th). Critically.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) November 12, 2022

When was the final time Chelsea went 5 video games with out a win within the league? Glad you requested. It was in 2012 underneath the stewardship of Roberto Di Matteo and Rafa Benítez. Oof.

Full time, Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

The ultimate whistle goes and there is a predictable bout of pushing and shoving as Chelsea’s frustrations boil over. They’ll go into the winter break on a run of 5 league video games with out a win, whereas Newcastle leapfrog Tottenham into third.

90+7 minutes Longstaff is booked for a spicy problem. Jamaal Lascelles is booked on the sidelines for dissent.

90+6 minutes Burn barges over Havertz off the ball and Mendy comes up for the following free kick. It is cleared and Newcastle counter via Joelinton, however Cucurella comes throughout to dispossess him earlier than he can lob the ball into the empty internet.

90+5 minutes Pope is booked, seemingly for saying one thing naughty.

90+4 minutes Chelsea transfer the ball back and forth however cannot discover a manner via. Koulibaly performs a determined lengthy ball as much as Havertz, however Newcastle defends it nicely.

90+2 minutes Joelinton takes it to the nook. It is that stage of the match for Newcastle.

An fascinating commentary from Paul Fitzgerald through e mail. “Havertz appears like a terrific technician who scores too many odd objectives, and consequently lives in a striker/midfield wasteland.”

90 minutes There will be seven minutes of damage time right here. Can Chelsea dig out an equalizer?

88 minutes Koulibaly goes into the e-book after scything down Almirón to the suitable of the realm. Trippier steps up, however his supply fails to discover a teammate.

86 minutes Botman goes down with a knock. Howe brings on Matt Targett in his place.

84 minutes Howe makes his second substitution, bringing off Willock for Murphy.

83 minutes Kovacic loses the ball in midfield, then chops down Wilson in an try and get it again. Jones opts towards a reserving.

80 minutes Nerves for Newcastle! Chelsea look a lot sharper in possession, shifting the ball about at tempo. It involves Cucurella out extensive on the left and he pings a cross to the close to submit, the place Havertz ghosts in however fails to attach. There is a scramble within the space earlier than the hosts lastly lump it clear.

78 minutes Pulisic makes inroads down the left and whips a cross into the field, however Burn clears at the price of a nook. Havertz climbs highest, however heads extensive.

75 minutes Newcastle make their first change, Wilson approaching for Wooden as Howe appears to kill the sport.

74 minutes Sorry, make {that a} triple substitution. Havertz is on for Broja.

73 minutes Potter makes a double substitution, bringing on Cucurella and Hakim Ziyech for Corridor and Mount.

71 minutes Longstaff is down after a sort out from Corridor. It is a painful one, but it surely appears like he’ll be OK to proceed.

One other contribution on the origins of “stonewall”, this time from Martin in Zürich. “I may also help Ryan with that one. A stone wall is one thing very stable, so claiming a stone wall pen is a shout doubtless. Certainly a a lot clearer case than stone chilly. No matter is meant to imply.”

GOAL! Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea (Willock 67)

Ultimately, we now have our opener. Almirón latches on to a bouncing ball, escapes Kalidou Koulibaly, controls it twice along with his head and dribbles it over to Willock, who casually curls it into the again of the online.

Joe Willock breaks the impasse at St James’ Park. {Photograph}: Lee Smith/Motion Photographs/Reuters

64 minutes Good save! Gallagher jinks forwards on the sting of the realm and unleashes a shot which Pope pushes around the submit along with his fingertips. That is Chelsea’s finest likelihood of the match up to now.

From Jim McKendrick on Twitter: “Trippier is booked for bringing down Pulisic as he tries to interrupt. Can we name this nominative determinism?” Excellent.

62 minutes Broja makes his manner up the left flank, however paints himself right into a nook. Chelsea maintain the ball and Kovacic has a go from simply outdoors the field, but it surely’s blocked.

Again on Twitter – how are issues going over there? All advantageous? – we have had a useful contribution on the origins of “stonewall penalty”.

RE: “a stonewall penalty”

— Asha (@Melatomin) November 12, 2022


57 minutes Hazard! Willock will get in behind on the left and whips the ball throughout the face of purpose. Corridor is pressured right into a determined intervention, stabbing it behind for a nook after it narrowly evades Wooden. Howe has his palms on his head on the sidelines.

56 minutes Trippier is booked for bringing down Pulisic as he tries to interrupt.

55 minutes Chelsea attempt to calm issues down, however solely invite extra stress. Mendy continues to look uncomfortable with the ball.

Extra correspondence, this time from Ryan Value. “How joyful I used to be to learn Brian Robson mentioning “stone chilly”. My greatest bug bear is pundits happening a couple of “stonewall” penalty. What on earth (I am being well mannered) does that imply?”

50 minutes So shut! Trippier will get in a threatening cross which is headed down by Joelinton. Wooden latches on to it, however Mendy saves at point-blank vary. Guimarães has a crack on the follow-up, but it surely’s blocked. Newcastle recycle the ball and Almirón tees up Longstaff, however he fires over.

49 minutes The 2 sides have picked up the place they left off, making a uneven begin to the second half. Broja is bullied off the ball as he appears to rise up the pitch.

There’s been a half-time change for Chelsea, with Potter bringing on Christian Pulisic for Azpilicueta.

Christian Pulisic gets stuck into the action.
Christian Pulisic will get caught into the motion. {Photograph}: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC/Getty Photographs

Second half kicks off

We’re again in motion at St James’ Park.

Lastly, a self-confessed rant from Brian Robson (not that one). “That was a stone-cold penalty with an arm dragging away from his physique and stopping a go, so the place was VAR on that one?”

Brendan Giant tweets: “Alright Will, simply questioning in case you have any thought how Potter was pondering this group would rating objectives? Actually one attacker on the pitch and no go ahead perspective. Corridor has been Chelsea’s finest participant by a stretch I might say.”

It is a truthful query, Brendan, with Broja trying remoted for a lot of the primary half. Mount has had his moments, however there is no getting previous the truth that Chelsea have had one shot. Liquid soccer, it isn’t.

Julian Menz writes in with some queries: “Are you able to inform us extra about how Chelsea are arrange? Is Corridor taking part in wing-back, was Loftus-Cheek taking part in wing-back? Is Azpilicueta now taking part in wing-back since Silva’s introduction?”

In reply to your first query, Julian: sure, and apologies for not having performed so already. Potter has arrange his aspect in a 3-4-2-1 formation, with Corridor and Loftus-Cheek beginning at left and proper wing-back respectively. Since Loftus-Cheek was pressured off, Silva has dropped into the again three and César Azpilicueta has been shunted over to the suitable flank. Chelsea’s midfield pairing of Jorginho and Kovacic are struggling for management and there is been little or no play via the center, with the guests’ solely shot of the half coming from a cross – from Corridor – out on the left.

Half time

Neither aspect have been at their finest, however Newcastle have seemed extra more likely to make a breakthrough. Chelsea’s assault has been totally leaden for lengthy stretches, even when their protection has largely held up nicely underneath stress.


45+1 minutes The house followers roar for a penalty after Burn will get a low cross through which brushes Trevoh Chalobah’s arm. Robert Jones, the referee, waves away their appeals.

44 minutes Joelinton cuts inside off the left flank seeking a gap, however he is crowded out.

We have had some e mail correspondence. “Nice sport,” says Richie Bradford. It is exhausting to inform, however that would nicely be sarcasm.

42 minutes Over the past 10 minutes, Newcastle have had 72% possession. They’re making a robust finish to the primary half.

Conor Gallagher and Bruno Guimarães go for a high ball.
Conor Gallagher and Bruno Guimarães go for a excessive ball. {Photograph}: Lee Smith/Motion Photographs/Reuters

41 minutes Mendy collects the nook gratefully. Neither aspect has made a lot of their set items up to now.

40 minutes Almirón dribbles previous three males in midfield to spark an assault which ends with Burn having a crack, which is deflected extensive. One other nook to Newcastle.

38 minutes The nook falls for Willock on the sting of the field, however he cannot power a shot via the seething mass of blue shirts.

37 minutes Tripper performs in Longstaff out extensive on the suitable. He will get a probing cross into the field, which Silva clears at the price of a nook.

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