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NBA News Roundup: Jalen Rose puts the league on notice over Kevin Durant’s possible move to the Miami Heat, former Dallas Mavericks guard announces his retirement, and more

With the NBA Summer League coming to a conclusion, the NBA news continues to circulate. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant continue to make NBA news with rumors of a departure from the Brooklyn Nets. Russell Westbrook’s future remains uncertain after leaving his long-time agent.

The Indiana Pacers and the San Antonio Spurs are headed into rebuilding mode and have been mentioned in trades to absorb massive salaries.

Here is the NBA News Roundup for July 20, 2022, brought to you by Sportskeeda.

Jalen Rose believes Kevin Durant will become even better if he joins the Miami Heat

KD continues to be present in the NBA news roundupGoran Dragic, Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets

Goran Dragic reveals that Suns owner Robert Sarver was “happy” he didn’t make the All-Star game in 2013-2014:Sarver came to Dragic in the gym after hearing the news and told him he was “glad” he now didn’ t have to pay him his $1M ASG bonus.(via Frojlke z Googyem Pod)

Jordan Poole not worth the max extension according to NBA executive

Poole in the 2022 NBA Finals - Game Two

The Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell trade sweepstakes are looming over RJ Barrett and Tyler Herro’s extension conversations. What about the other 2019 first-round picks still on the board for a new deal? More @br_nba:…

Miles Bridges to face serious consequences for domestic abuse allegations

Miles Bridges, Orlando Magic v Charlotte Hornets

Felony charges filed against Charlotte Hornets’ Miles Bridges for domestic violence, child abuse – via @ESPN App…

JJ Barea announces his retirement

JJ Barea, Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings

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“I’m ready. Last year it worked my head and I wasn’t ready. This year yes and I am calm about finishing”, Barea told El Nuevo Dia

JJ Barea ends his glorious career without playing his last game in San German and without regrets: “I’m calm about finishing”…



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