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MrBeast VS Andrew Tate Net Worth 2022: Is the Self-Proclaimed Trillionaire Actually Richer Than the YouTube Superstar?

MrBeast is one of the most popular content creators in the community. Over the years, Jimmy has established his name on YouTube owing to his years of hard work and love for the platform. Not to mention, Jimmy is also famous for his expensive projects and giveaways.


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Some fans believe Jimmy is the wealthiest YouTuber; However, the YouTube star himself confirmed that he does not generate much profit from his videos of him. Interestingly, another influencer, Andrew Tate, luxury lifestyle, has also taken the entire internet by storm. Want to know who is the richest social media influencer among these two? Continue reading to find out.


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MrBeast VS Andrew Tate: Net Worth in 2022

Emory Andrew Tate III is a British-American kickboxer, commentator, and businessman. Tate had a successful kickboxing career and later gained popularity online, particularly on YouTube. Interestingly, Tate gained the most popularity from his controversial views on females.

Andrew Tate is quite active on social media, such as Instagram and YouTube. Thus, fans are well aware of the creator’s luxury lifestyle and have networth of around $30 million US as of 2022. Whereas, MrBeast outshined every YouTube creator by having the highest networth of all creators on the platform.

According to one of CA Knowledge’s blogs, “Mr Beast is a YouTuber, Internet personality, businessman, and philanthropist who has a net worth of $56 million.” Thus, Jimmy Donaldson easily overshadows Andrew Tate and is the richest YouTuber on the platform.

How has MrBeast’s worth grown over the years?

MrBeast is mainly famous for his giveaway and challenge content that he organizes for strangers and his subscribers. Although Jimmy has successfully established his name of him on the platform, he started his journey with nothing back in 2012. However, Jimmy was able to become the richest creator on the platform because of his out-of-box thinking of him.

MrBeast has openly revealed several times that he looks up to the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, and his business skills. Since Jimmy’s idol is none other than Elon Musk, he also runs different businesses. Interestingly, a popular internet celebrity, MrBeast is the founder of MrBeast Burger and Feastables and generates a lot of profit from both companies.

Furthermore, Jimmy also owns several side channels apart from his main channel on YouTube. In one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts, Jimmy revealed he makes more profit from his side channels as compared to his main channel.

he said, “So these channels, like this channel (Beast Reacts) specifically, doesn’t cost a lot of money to run. So this is like you know, mostly just pure profit. Which is what I’ve ran into is like my main channel because I kept taking the videos bigger and bigger and bigger. There did get a point where they weren’t really profitable like I was losing money every video.”

Jimmy further added. “So I started this other channel, so they would make money so I could lose money on my main channel, if that makes sense?” Apart from generating a lot of revenue from his side channels, Jimmy also focuses on his merchandise, ShopMrBeast.

All these strategies helped the YouTube Star to become the richest YouTuber on the platform.

MrBeast VS Andrew Tate: Income source

Now you must already be aware that Jimmy and Andrew both are the wealthiest creators on the platform. Interestingly, Andrew recently claimed in an interview that he’s the first trillionaire; however, it was later discovered that all his claims of him were untrue.

Furthermore, Andrew also stated that the total value of Hustlers University is more than $300 million and it also became Andrew’s major source of income. Although Andrew claims to be the first trillionaire, the kickboxer’s net worth stats don’t add up.

Whereas YouTube Star MrBeast earns most of his income, similar to any creator on the platform. The most blatant source of income for MrBeast is through AdSense. Moreover, since Jimmy owns several channels on the platform, he generates a lot of advertising revenue from his videos of him.


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Apart from YouTube, the creator also focuses on his merchandise and two popular businesses, MrBeast Burger and Feastables. Who is your favorite creator, Andrew Tate or MrBeast? Let us know in the comments below.


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