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Jailed UFC star Cain Velasquez’s legal order continues as letter of support from Dana White emerges

MMA legend Cain Velasquez’s attorney ‘submits 246-page document requesting his release from jail on attempted murder charge’ with UFC chief Dana White making an emotional plea to the judge on behalf of his former fighter

  • Cain Velasquez was arrested in February after the shooting of an unintended victim led to a charge of first-degree attempted murder
  • The two-time UFC heavyweight champion was allegedly targeting Harry Goularte Jr, a sexual predator who had allegedly abused a close relative
  • The fighter, who also appeared several times in WWE and Mexican pro wrestling promotion AAA, has been denied bail twice since
  • Velasquez’s lead attorney has filed a 246-page petition to the California Court of Appeal asking for the release of their client, under strict supervision
  • UFC president Dana White’s heart-wrenching plea to presiding judge for his former champion’s release has been released to the public this week

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’s lead attorney has submitted a 246-page petition requesting the release of the MMA legend from jail, according to documents obtained by MMA Junkie.

The 39-year-old was arrested back in February after the shooting of an unintended victim led to a charge of first-degree attempted murder.

Velasquez has twice been denied bail since being jailed following the incident that led to the victim being taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

According to the document, the shooting occurred after the Mexican-American heavyweight learned that his four-year-old son had been sexually assaulted ‘hundreds of times over the course of two years by Aguirre ‘Harry’ Goularte while he was at day care.

Harry Goularte is accused of sexually assaulting Cain Velasquez's son at the day care ran by his parents

New court documents reveal Cain Velasquez (left) allegedly attacked Harry Goularte (right) after running into Goularte while he was out of jail on conditions on multiple felony charges

Velasquez and his family reported Goularte’s alleged crimes to the police and he was promptly arrested. He is currently out on bail.

However, the documents reveal the shooting incident took place after Velasquez saw Goularte walking free following his arrest, assuming that he would be in jail.

According to the documents, Velasquez’s lead attorney Mark Geragos wrote to the Sixth District Court of Appeal in San Jose and said: ‘Mr. Velasquez, as the parent and legal guardian of the minor victim, was not notified of Goularte’s release.

‘Three days later, on February 28, 2022, Mr. Velasquez and his wife were shocked when they accidentally encountered Goularte and his mother out in the community; Mr. Velasquez allegedly had an altercation with Goularte and others in his vehicle, which led to Mr. Velasquez’s arrest and the instant charges against him’.

The document also provides some additional information regarding Velasquez’s defense’s arguments in support of granting the fighter bail, including that the presiding judge did not consider less restrictive alternatives at the previous hearings, and that the continued imprisonment of Velasquez ‘violates the due process of law’ .

Cain Velasquez defeating heavyweight rival Junior Dos Santos during his UFC prime in 2013

Cain Velasquez defeating heavyweight rival Junior Dos Santos during his UFC prime in 2013

Throughout the ordeal, one of Velasquez’s most outspoken supporters has been UFC president Dana White.

Less than a week after Cain had been taken into custody following the shooting, White penned an impassioned letter in support of his former champion that was included as part of the aforementioned appeal court petition.

It read: ‘I write this reference in full knowledge of Cain Velasquez’s current charges of attempted murder and assault. I was stunned to learn of these charges against him, as they are completely out of character for the man I was proud to say was a two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion.

‘I have known Mr. Velasquez for more than 15 years, and during his time as an active athlete with the UFC, he represented our company with dignity and always treated others with respect. He was a model example of how a professional athlete should carry himself, projecting a positive image to the UFC’s fanbase.

‘Mr. Velasquez was extremely professional and went above and beyond to make a connection with our fans and promote the sport of mixed martial arts — not only as an entertainment product, but also as a character — building discipline.

UFC president Dana White appealed to the Santa Clara Superior Court on behalf of Velasquez

UFC president Dana White appealed to the Santa Clara Superior Court on behalf of Velasquez

‘As a Mexican American, Mr. Velasquez was proud of his heritage and never passed up an opportunity to visit Mexico on behalf of our company and demonstrate his gratitude to the Mexican fans for their support.

‘People who know him best describe him as a humble, soft-spoken man who was very much dedicated to his family, including his wife and his two children.

‘If given the opportunity, I’m sure Mr. Velasquez would like nothing more than to return to his family and continue to make a positive impact on his community.

‘I sincerely ask that you take this into consideration as you adjudicate next steps in this process concerning Mr. Velasquez.’

Velasquez is set to return to court on August 5 for a motion hearing, followed by a plea hearing on August 19.

If the former UFC star is convicted of the charges against him, he could face upwards of 20 years in prison.



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