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I love this Brompton rival ebike that uses F1 tech and a crazy folding mechanism

Well hello, Vello. This electric bike – full name: Vello Bike+ – is a folding number, and it has a couple of clever tricks up its alloy sleeves that aim to solve some of the problems associated with ebikes. It draws on KERS-style technology – as used in Formula 1 – with regenerative braking helping to recharge the battery as you cycle along. That’s pretty smart, but there’s a simpler innovation that makes this one of the most enjoyable electric rides I’ve had.

Like the Eeyo bike and a few other premium ebikes, Vello uses a lightweight hub motor, housing the motor and battery on the back wheel. I always have some doubts about the longevity of this approach, but it allows for a way lighter bike overall, compared to the traditional approach, which puts an often very bulky battery on or in the frame, wired to a similarly hefty motor on the wheel or cranks. The result, in the case of the Vello, is one of the best ebikes I’ve ever tried, and a clear and present danger to the Brompton Electric and GoCycle G4.

However, never mind all that for now. will you just look at the folding mechanism of this thing.

Have you ever seen anything like that?

(Image credit: Vello electric bike)

The video above is produced by Vello – I’ve only had the bike a few days and there’s no way I could get it folded that quickly as yet, but once you’ve mastered the knack it is clearly an impressively fast fold. Admittedly, once folded it looks like a bike that’s been run over by a truck, but you won’t worry about that as you’re lifting it onto a bus then storing it under your desk at work or in a small space at home.

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