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“I am a core, I’m Kevin freakin Durant”

Kevin Durant is reportedly set to meet with the Brooklyn Nets owners this week to discuss his future. The 33-year-old requested a trade more than a month ago. However, since no significant deal came through, the two-time champion is still seeking a way out.

Growing speculations indicate that KD could end up playing for the Nets next season. First Things First co-host Chris Broussard was a firm believer in the same, right from the start. He acted out what Kevin Durant’s statement would be to owner Joe Tsai when they met this week.

“He should walk in there and say, ‘Joe, remember the text that I felt you several weeks ago, forget about it. I’m back, and here’s why I’m back Joe, because you believed, you gave me a max contract when I was going to miss the first full season of that contract with an Achilles injury, then you have me a max extension when I only played 90 games over the last two years, because you believed.'”

KD to meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai per reports. What should he say?” I’m back! … You believe, Joe. These other teams don’t believe. I’m Kevin freaking Durant. I am a core. I’ll make you a contender by myself. Joe , let’s bring a title to Brooklyn.” *🎤 drop* — @Chris_Broussard

Kevin Durant has been riddled with injuries over the past few seasons. Although his performances have been stellar, he hasn’t played more than 60 games in the past two seasons.

This is another reason why teams were a bit reluctant to make a trade for the former MVP. In continuation to what he believes KD should say to the owners, Broussard said:

“You know what Joe, you know what these last several weeks have told me, these other teams don’t believe, they don’t believe like you do Joe. ‘Oh, you don’t want to break your core.’ I am a core, I’m Kevin freakin Durant, I am a core, I will make you a contender for myself, you don’t wanna give up young stars for me, they’re not gonna ever be what I am.”

Undoubtedly, Kevin Durant is one of the top players in the league. His scoring ability from him is what makes him one of the most lethal weapons to have in the team. Any side that makes a trade for him would instantly be contenders, but not many franchises wanted to take a chance on him.

Durant’s goal is to win a few more championships before he retires. The Nets are certainly well-equipped to help him get there. However, a decision regarding his future in Brooklyn can only be made after he meets with the owners of the team.

This shot by Kevin Durant was just an absolute dagger.

How good can the Brooklyn Nets be with Kevin Durant on the roster?

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Kyrie Irving’s 60 piece against the Magic was a thing of beauty.

The seven-time All-Star will be looking to do his best as he still hasn’t got the long-term extension that he’s looking for. To add to that, if Kevin Durant decides to stay with the team, the Nets look like a really strong unit next season.

Last campaign, there were concerns about their defense, but those will be alleviated with Ben Simmons’ return.

There aren’t many 7-footers that can do what Kevin Durant does.

They also added the likes of TJ Warren and Royce O’Neal, both of whom would bring in a lot of explosiveness to the team. If this roster remains till training camp, the Nets could be set to wreck havoc in the East.

However, another major concern for them would be their health as that has cost them a shot at the title in the last two seasons.


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