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Every Former WWE World Champion In AEW, Ranked By Their AEW Career

All Elite Wrestling has been notoriously famous for employing far too many superstars that rose through the ranks of WWE. The roster of the latter promotion has gotten thinner in the past couple of years due to budget cuts and the former has not shied away from giving a new home to these released superstars.

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Not only did many current AEW stars once perform for WWE, but some even held gold in Vince McMahon’s promotion, including the World titles. Please note that while many former WWE World Champions have appeared on AEW, this list will only include those who have partaken in matches in Tony Khan’s promotion. As a result, superstars like Mark Henry and Bret Hart will be excluded from the list below.

8 Paul Wight: Five-Time WWE World Champion

The Big Show making his way to AEW under his real name was a big deal. However, his days of wrestling are gone, and Paul Wight now works as a broadcaster for the promotion. The former WWE Champion has competed in a total of four matches in AEW, most notably against QT Marshall at All Out 2021, where he emerged victorious.

7 Jeff Hardy: Three-Time WWE World Champion

Jeff Hardy was one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE at the time he won his first World title in the promotion. After having several great runs in WWE and other promotions, Hardy finally joined AEW in early 2022 and joined his brother to reunite The Hardy Boyz.

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His career in AEW has not been great due to some controversies. Nonetheless, fans had the chance to witness some dream matches, especially when The Hardy Boyz went against The Young Bucks at Double or Nothing 2022.


6 Jake Hager: Two-Time WWE World Champion

A former ECW and World Heavyweight Champion, Jake Hager has been around with All Elite Wrestling since the very first episode of Dynamite. Despite being in AEW for a long time and having a formidable MMA record, Hager has yet to receive any considerable push. His career has mostly revolved around Chris Jericho and he is yet to win any gold in the company. But, he is still in great shape and can assume a greater role in the near future.

5 Christian Cage: Four-Time WWE World Champion

Christian Cage returned to WWE at the 2021 Royal Rumble, but soon took a turn and signed with the rival promotion. He also wrestled an official singles match for the first time in seven years. Cage has, so far, had a good run in All Elite Wrestling.

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He defeated Kenny Omega to become Impact World Champion and aligned himself with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus before turning on them. Considering him’s recent trajectory of his career, fans can expect the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to have another singles title reign in AEW.

4 Bryan Danielson: Five-Time WWE World Champion

While Bryan Danielson is yet to win a title in AEW, he doesn’t need one to prove himself. Danielson has constantly been in the main event for his promotion without a title around his waist. He has been putting on some instant classics against the likes of Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, and others. The American Dragon is well-known for his work in WWE and ROH. He is currently a member of the wildly popular Blackpool Combat Club and, given his unmatched talent, can only go up from here.

3 CM Punk: Six-Time WWE World Champion

No one could believe their eyes when they saw CM Punk make his way to the AEW ring. The former WWE Champion returned to the squared circle after a seven-year absence and picked up where he left off. CM Punk is one of the most popular superstars on the AEW roster, and it was a natural fit for him to grab their biggest gold.

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But winning the AEW World Championship is not the only great thing to happen in the AEW career of The Second City Saint. Punk went against MJF in a feud that is widely regarded as one of the greatest feuds of the promotion so far. Before that, he also competed against Darby Allin and a few other superstars in great matches.

two Chris Jericho: Six-Time WWE World Champion

Chris Jericho has been around with AEW since day one and is also the first superstar to hold the World Championship of Tony Khan’s promotion. He has acted as a leader for almost the entirety of his AEW career and has had one of the best careers in the promotion so far. Jericho has worked with WWE, but he also performed for WCW during the latter’s heyday. While it’s not likely for Jericho to get another World title reign at this point, one must never say never in pro wrestling, or as Jericho puts it, sports entertainment.

1 Jon Moxley: One-Time WWE World Champion

Jon Moxley was one of the most popular superstars during his time with WWE. Called The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose was praised for his gimmick and he also won the WWE Championship once in his career. As great as he was as Ambrose, his current persona of him is considered by many to be even better.

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Moxley is the current interim AEW World Champion and fans may expect him to hold the belt a few more times. He partakes in barbaric death matches sometimes, and has had perhaps the best AEW career of any former WWE Superstar.

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