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Details on former champion getting released for no-selling opponent’s offense, Concerning Randy Orton update, Veteran defends female star

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we attempt to bring the biggest news and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we will take a look at some interesting news stories revolving around top names like Randy Orton, Natalya, and Liv Morgan.

During a recent live event in Sacramento, California, Natalya seemingly went off-script and refused to sell Liv Morgan’s finisher after their match got over. It was reported that she did not have an issue with Morgan, but it was something else. Reports have also suggested that she allegedly received flak backstage for causing trouble for the writers.

3) Jim Cornette defends Natalya

WWE legend Jim Cornette discussed the controversy surrounding Natalya while talking on his podcast Jim Cornette Experience. He sympathized with the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, saying it was understandable that she would get frustrated if she had to give Liv Morgan “on-the-job training.”

”Poor fu**ing Nattie, if she’s been having to do on-the-job training with this girl like this in every match they’ve had, I can understand, why one would lose one’s patience,” said Cornette.

Natalya previously stated that she said “thank you” to SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan after their bout. The Queen of Harts faced Morgan again on SmackDown last week and ended up on the losing side.

2) Former WCW Tag Team Champion got fired for no-selling his opponent’s moves

πŸ—“ ON THIS DAY πŸ—“ 19th February 1995 Paul Roma goes into business for himself at Superbrawl V. He refuses to sell properly for Alex Wright and even kicks out of the roll up finish on PPV. He is informed the next day that his contract won’t be renewed the following month.

Speaking of no-selling during a match, former superstar Paul Roma wasn’t as lucky as Natalya. During his bout against Alex Wright, he no-sold Roma’s offense and essentially went into business for himself.

speaking on Wrestling Shoot InterviewsWright revealed that Roma wasn’t happy with the orders he had been given for the match and ignored the plan.

β€œBeing new in the company and being just 19 years old, I was afraid to lose my job if I would fight back in that match. It definitely was the wrong decision to do it, which Paul did, because he lost a job for that s**t,” said Wright.

Wright said that what happened was very sad and unprofessional because he expected to have a great bout with the star. He also noted that many people advised him to fight back and give Roma a piece of his own medicine.

1) Concerning update on Randy Orton’s WWE return

During an interview with Meter, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins spoke about Randy Orton. He said that one of the reasons that Riddle has become so popular with the WWE Universe is because of his bond with Orton. However, I have pointed out that The Viper’s WWE career is in jeopardy right now.

“Obviously the audience took a big liking to him based on his relationship with Randy, but now we don’t know if Randy’s ever coming back. We got no clue what Randy’s medical situation is,” said Seth Rollins.

Randy Orton has been out of action due to a back injury. It was initially believed to be a short sabbatical, but The Viper eventually required surgery. There is no word on when he may return.

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