Champions League – Mathilde Gros: “I do not put strain on myself”

Look no additional for the boss of pace, the latter is French and is named Mathilde Gros ! Topped world champion in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines a number of weeks in the past, the 23-year-old Northerner has since confirmed her new standing by profitable this occasion within the first two rounds of the Champions League (formally known as UCI Observe Champions League). After his success in Mallorca final weekend, Mathilde Gros did it once more on Saturday night on the observe of the Berlin velodrome, profitable with out firing a shot within the remaining in opposition to the Dutch Laurine van Riessen, which appeared very strong through the earlier rounds. Much less comfy in keirin, the place she was once more taken out within the first spherical, the Frenchwoman returned, simply after her gained remaining, to her night on the microphone ofEurosport.

Video – Mathilde Gros confided earlier than the beginning of the UCITCL

“I do not put any strain on myself, nor any aims when it comes to outcomes”

“I am actually completely happy to win this event. There have been very sturdy women in entrance in all rounds, however I actually managed to focus after the keirin. On the keirin, I did one thing totally different in comparison with final week. We’re fine-tuning, we’re working, and that is the purpose. Third within the common classification? I did not know! Subsequent week, in Paris, I hope to return to the dash remaining and likewise go to remaining in keirin, it will be nice. Afterwards, I do not put any strain on myself, nor targets when it comes to outcomes. If I’ve to win the overall, it is as a result of I needed to win it, but when it isn’t In that case, it would not matter. I have already got a pleasant jersey, so it fits me.”concludes the smiling Mathilde Groswho is definitely third general earlier than the French stage of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Saturday, November 26), solely forward of respectively 3 and a pair of factors by the Colombian Martha Bayona and the Canadian Kelsey Mitchell.

All the outcomes of the 2nd stage of the UCI Observe Champions League

Keirin Ladies

First spherical (the primary two of every collection go to the ultimate)

Collection 1

1. Martha Bayona (COL) 2. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 3. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 4. Lea Sophie Friedrich (GER)

5. Marie-Divine Kouame (FRA) 6. Orla Walsh (IRL)

Collection 2

1. Olena Starikova (UKR) 2. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 3. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 4. Helena Casas Roigé (ESP)

5. Emma Finucane (GBR) 6. Pauline Sophie Grabosch (GER)

Collection 3

1. Shanne Braspennincx (NED) 2. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 3. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX)

4. Miriam Vece (ITA) 5. Urszula Los (POL)


1. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 2. Martha Bayona (COL) 3. Shanne Braspennincx (NED)

4. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 5. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 6. Olena Starikova (UKR)

Keirin Males

First spherical (the primary two of every collection go to the ultimate)

Collection 1

1. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 2. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 3. Thomas Cornish (AUS) 4. Rayan Helal (FRA)

5. Hamish Turnbull (GBR) 6. Shinji Nakano (JAP)

Collection 2

1. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 2. Kevin Quintero (COL) 3. Jeffrey Hoogland (NED) 4. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR)

5. Sergey Ponomarov (KAZ) 6. Jair Tjon in F (SUR)

Collection 3

1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Esow Esow (IND) 3. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 4. Jai Angsuthasawit (THA)

5. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS) 6. Tom Derache (FRA)


1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 3. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 4. Esow Esow (IND)

5. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 6. Kevin Quintero (COL)

Velocity ​​Ladies

First spherical (the primary of every collection goes to the semi-finals)

Collection 1 : 1. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 2. Helena Casas Roigé (ESP)

Collection 2: 1. Marie-Divine Kouame (FRA) 2. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX) 3. Hetty van de Wouw

Collection 3 : 1. Urszula Los (POL) 2. Orla Walsh (IRL)

Collection 4 : 1. Martha Bayona (COL) 2. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 3. Miriam Vece (ITA)

Collection 5 : 1. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 2. Pauline Sophie Grabosch (GER) 3. Olena Starikova (UKR)

Collection 6 : 1. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 2. Shanne Braspennincx (NED) 3. Emma Finucane (GBR)

Semi-finals (the primary of every collection goes to the ultimate)

Collection 1 : 1. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 2. Urszula Los (POL) 3. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN)

Collection 2 : 1. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 2. Marie-Divine Kouame (FRA) 3. Martha Bayona (COL)


Mathilde Gros (FRA) defeated Laurine van Riessen (NED)



Velocity ​​Males

First spherical (the primary in every collection goes to the semi-finals)

Collection 1 : 1. Kevin Quintero (COL) 2. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 3. Jair Tjon in F (SUR)

Collection 2 : 1. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 2. Hamish Turnbull (GBR) 3. Jeffrey Hoogland (NED)

Collection 3 : 1. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR) 2. Esow Esow (IND) 3. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS)

Collection 4 : 1. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 2. Rayan Helal (FRA) 3. Thomas Cornish (AUS)

Collection 5 : 1. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 2. Jai Angsuthasawit (THA) 3. Sergey Ponomarov (KAZ)

Collection 6 : 1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Shinji Nakano (JAP) 3. Tom Derache (FRA)

Semi-finals (the primary of every collection goes to the ultimate)

Collection 1:1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 2. Kevin Quintero (COL) 3. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR)

Collection 2: 1. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 2. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 3. Santiago Ramirez (COL)


Matthew Richardson (AUS) defeated Harrie Lavreysen (NED)

Scratch Ladies

1. Katie Archibald (GBR) 2. Jennifer Valente (USA) 3. Chloe Moran (AUS) 4. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR)

5. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN) 6. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 7. Emily Kay (IRL) 8. Lea Lin Teutenberg (GER)

9. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 10. Michelle Andres (SUI) 11. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 12. Lily Williams (USA)

13. Rachele Barbieri (ITA) 14. Tsuyaka Uchino (JAP) 15. Silvia Zanardi (ITA) 16. Tania Calvo Barbero (ESP)

17. Laura Kenny (GBR) 18. Emma Cumming (NZL)

Scratch Males

1. Oliver Wooden (GBR) 2. Claudio Imhof (SUI) 3. Matteo Donega (ITA) 4. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 5. Roy Eefting (NED)

6. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 7. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 8. Gavin Hoover (USA) 9. Mark Stewart (GBR)

10. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 11. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 12. William Perrett (GBR) 13. Gustav Johansson (SWE)

14. Erik Martorell (ESP) 15. Grant Koontz (USA) 16. Dylan Bibic (CAN) 17. Rotem Tene (ISR) 18. Filip Prokopyszyn (POL)

Elimination Ladies

1. Katie Archibald (GBR) 2. Jennifer Valente (USA) 3. Lily Williams (USA) 4. Rachele Barbieri (ITA)

5. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 6. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 7. Michelle Andres (SUI) 8. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN)

9. Silvia Zanardi (ITA) 10. Chloe Moran (AUS) 11. Lea Lin Teutenberg (GER) 12. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 13. Emily Kay (IRL)

14. Tania Calvo Barbero (ESP) 15. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR) 16. Emma Cumming (NZL) 17. Tsuyaka Uchino (JAP)

18. Laura Kenny (GBR)

Elimination Males

1. Dylan Bibic (CAN) 2. William Perrett (GBR) 3. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 4. Claudio Imhof (SUI)

5. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 6. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 7. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 8. Mark Stewart (GBR)

9. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 10. Oliver Wooden (GBR) 11. Gustav Johansson (SWE) 12. Roy Eefting (NED)

13. Erik Martorell (ESP) 14. Matteo Donega (ITA) 15. Grant Koontz (USA) 16. Rotem Tene (ISR)

17. Filip Prokopyszyn (POL) 18. Gavin Hoover (USA)

The final classifications by League (after two levels out of 5)

Ladies’s Dash League Rating

1. Martha Bayona (COL) 49 pts

2. Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) 48 pts

3. Mathilde Gros (FRA) 46 pts

4. Shanne Braspennincx (NED) 45 pts

5. Laurine van Riessen (NED) 40 pts

6. Olena Starikova (UKR) 36 pts

7. Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (MEX) 35 pts

8. Hetty van de Wouw (NED) 33 pts

9. Steffie van der Peet (NED) 30 pts

10. Urszula Los (POL) 27 pts

Males’s Dash League Rating

1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED) 74 pts

2. Matthew Richardson (AUS) 72 pts

3. Stefan Bötticher (GER) 58 pts

4. Santiago Ramirez (COL) 39 pts

5. Kevin Quintero (COL) 39 pts

6. Mateusz Rudyk (POL) 35 pts

7. Mikhail Yakovlev (ISR) 33 pts

8. Esow Esow (IND) 27 pts

9. Thomas Cornish (AUS) 23 pts

10. Mohd Azizulhasni Bin Awang (MAS) 20 pts

Ladies’s Endurance League Rating

1. Jennifer Valente (USA) 66 pts

2. Katie Archibald (GBR) 60 pts

3. Lily Williams (USA) 43 pts

4. Sarah Van Dam (CAN) 40 pts

5. Anita Yvonne Stenberg (NOR) 38 pts

6. Maggie Coles-Lyster (CAN) 34 pts

7. Rachele Barbieri (ITA) 32 pts

8. Michaela Drummond (NZL) 31 pts

9. Chloe Moran (AUS) 30 pts

10. Sophie Lewis (GBR) 28 pts

Males’s Endurance League Rating

1. Mathias Guillemette (CAN) 55 pts

2. Mark Stewart (GBR) 50 pts

3. Claudio Imhof (SUI) 48 pts

4. Sebastian Mora (ESP) 44 pts

5. William Perrett (GBR) 42 pts

6. Moritz Malcharek (GER) 39 pts

7. Michele Scartezzini (ITA) 38 pts

8. Oliver Wooden (GBR) 36 pts

9. Matthijs Büchli (NED) 32 pts

10. Gavin Hoover (USA) 26 pts


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