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Buddy Matthews reacts to Rhea Ripley’s confrontation with Rey Mysterio’s daughter on RAW, Jim Cornette blasts recent segment involving Christian Cage (July 26, 2022)

Welcome to another edition of the AEW News Roundup, where we bring you the latest stories from All Elite Wrestling.

A top faction member recently responded to a segment between a WWE Superstar and Rey Mysterio’s daughter. Meanwhile, a wrestling veteran slammed the Jacksonville-based promotion for a segment that featured Christian Cage.

We round off today’s edition with a story about Kevin Nash praising Orange Cassidy. So without further ado, let’s begin:

#3. AEW star Buddy Matthews reacts to WWE RAW segment

I’ll let them fight for my custody in a ladder match!

WWE legend Rey Mysterio celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company on Monday Night RAW. He and Dominik Mysterio defeated The Judgment Day in a tag team match before having a celebration backstage.

During the backstage segment, Rhea Ripley appeared and had a face-to-face confrontation with Rey’s daughter, Aalyah Mysterio. Shortly after, AEW star Buddy Matthews reacted to the altercation with a post on Twitter:

“I’ll let them fight for my custody in a ladder match!” wrote Buddy Matthews.”

It is worth noting that Aalyah was involved in an on-screen relationship with Matthews in 2020, while Ripley recently hinted that she is dating the former WWE Superstar.

It will be interesting to see whether this feud between The Mysterios and The Judgment Day leads to an in-ring debut for Aalyah Mysterio in WWE.

#two. Jim Cornette slams AEW for recent segment on Dynamite

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette wasn’t a fan of the recent segment involving Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy.

Captain Charisma and Luchasuarus defeated The Varsity Blondes on last week’s Dynamite. Shortly after, Jungle Boy made his return after over a month and chased Cage away. Interestingly, his former partner did not stop him and seemingly turned face.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the wrestling veteran seemed confused with the entire segment on the Wednesday night show:

“What the f*ck happened here? They had some… okay, Christian Cage, he’s a heel. He’s doing the best promos in the company and he’s got this giant monster with him that can be his enforcer and take care of his physical business and it is the first time that we’ve ever had one godd*mn good thing to say about that jacked tattooed imbecile that thinks he’s af**king dinosaur and suddenly he’s a player in the wrestling business for about a week.”

I have added:

“Until now, he changed his mind. He didn’t mean to turn on Jungle Boy and align himself with Christian and f**kin heard all those people at Christian’s behavior including 90 seconds previously. I don’t know whether they’re on drugs they don’t need to be on or they’re not on drugs they need to be on.”

It remains to be seen what unfolds next in the highly personal feud between WWE legend Christian Cage and his former protege, Jungle Boy.

#1. Kevin Nash heaps praise on AEW star Orange Cassidy

7/13 Orange Cassidy vs. WardlowAEW Dynamite – Fyter Fest Week 1

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash recently praised AEW’s Orange Cassidy on the Kliq This podcast.

While speaking on the show, Nash said that the current pro wrestling scene is probably more suited for a star like Cassidy:

“I know the Kevin Nash/Cornette in me wants to fu*ing slit my wrists, but the Shawn Michaels nowadays realizes that it’s not your dad’s fu*ing wrestling anymore.”

Big Sexy also praised Wardlow and his TNT Championship match against Orange Cassidy:

“But I’ll tell you right now, Orange Cassidy, that’s my boy. I know that Corny and other guys like that sh*t on it. Wardlow is a good looking guy. Good body. He had a match with Orange Cassidy to start off the show. I’m like, ‘Wow, this guy is going to eat Orange Cassidy alive.’ Low and behold, that big dude gets it. He let him do the kicks to the shin. They ended up having a really good, competitive match. He beat him, and he should have.”

While Freshly Squeezed has mostly been used as a comedic character in AEW, it remains to be seen if Tony Khan will push him into the world title picture in the future.

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