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5 Things that WWE still do better than AEW that fans love

All Elite Wrestling has been around for three years now, and in that time, they have set the world of professional wrestling on fire. AEW is the first wrestling company since WCW to be a true challenge for WWE.

In the first three years of AEW being a company, we have seen huge names like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk sign with the promotion. The WWE is looked at as the heel wrestling company because it is more of an entertainment company than a professional wrestling company like AEW. The WWE has released over one hundred wrestlers, which also didn’t sit well with wrestling fans because WWE fired a lot of talent in AEW and Impact as significant stars.

The WWE has its flaws, but so does AEW because AEW is a fan-pleasing company that has signed way too many wrestlers when they have limited television time. In this article, I will be discussing the five things that WWE still does better than AEW.

Five Things that WWE still do better than AEW

5. Stages & Aesthetics

When it comes to creating stages for significant events, the WWE is the best wrestling company. AEW has spent a lot of money signing wrestlers that the WWE has fired, but what if they were to use that money to compete with the WWE’s stage presentation?

AEW has had some great setups, such as the early shows at Daily’s Place, the Jericho cruise, and the first Las Vegas Double or Nothing. AEW should make sure that they create creative stages for Pay-Per-Views, dynamitesand Rampages because that is also a way more viewers can be brought in. The WWE has been putting together significant steps for years, and it seems like they are only getting better with the stages they create for WrestleMania and Pay-Per-Views.

4.Video Packages

Over the years, WWE has made it clear that they are an entertainment company first and a pro wrestling company second, resulting in video packages that seem like movie trailers. AEW hasn’t delivered any that stands out yet when it comes to video packages.

The WWE has done a great job of using video packages to make fans care about their product. Weeks will pass on Raw and SmackDown of wrestlers being in storylines that fans aren’t interested in because of WWE’s lack of good storytelling, but as soon as an event comes up, the WWE will create great video packages to make people care. The WWE makes sure that the promos, beatdowns, and social media trash talk all be spliced ​​into perfectly produced video packages.

3. Women’s division

The Women’s Revolution was the term that the WWE used to tell the world of professional wrestling that Women’s wrestling would be taken more seriously. The only problem with that was that TNA was already creating their own Women’s revolution in the early 2000s that got swept under the rug because it was TNA.

The world of professional wrestling has been rooted in misogyny since the beginning of professional wrestling becoming a popular sport to watch. The WWE was able to create women wrestlers that would become more popular and, at times, have better matches than the men on the roster.

The WWE has allowed women to main event significant events such as WrestleMania. The WWE women’s division still has its problems, but it is still the strongest women’s division in professional wrestling today. AEW has signed some great wrestlers but still seems to have trouble booking their women’s division.

2. Selling Out Stadiums

When it comes to selling out arenas, the WWE is known to have sold-out shows. During the COVID-19 pandemic, wrestling fans weren’t allowed to go to the shows, which at times made the product hard to watch.

summer slam 2021 It was the first time that WWE returned to a large crowd. this year, Wrestlemania was two nights, and the WWE was able to sell out the biggest wrestling event. The WWE has Money In the Bank, SummerSlam, and stadium shows booked in the next couple of months that could quickly put 50,000 people in seats.

The WWE has a love/hate relationship with their fans because parents do not like the product anymore, but their kids do. AEW has the star power to catch up with WWE when it comes to selling out arenas, but it won’t be anytime soon because the company is still growing its fan base.

1. Building ONE Superstar.

When it comes to megastars in professional wrestling, they aren’t created as much as they once were. John Cena was the last megastar that the WWE made that helped reshape what it meant to be at the top of the mountain in the WWE. When Roman Reigns returned to the WWE in August of 2020, he returned with a new attitude and swagger, like a mob boss.

The Tribal Chief’s run as the company’s top draw has been almost two years now, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Roman Reigns is a heel, but fans love to hate this type of heel because of how good he is in the ring and on the microphone. The WWE has created another megastar that has the power to create an even bigger star when the time comes for Reigns to lose the WWE and Universal Championships.

In AEW, they have Adam Page, a great wrestler, but his reign as AEW World Champion hasn’t been good because of the booking. AEW has some of the best young wrestlers on their roster, but it would be wise for them to make CM Punk the world champion so that the championship could feel important.

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