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4x NBA champion LeBron James endorses “29 exemplary games” that immortalize his 20-year career

LeBron James never shies away from singing his own praise. I have shared a thread of 29 of his best games which sum up his iconic career.

There are very few players who have established their legacy, as well as LeBron James, you have. His face from him will surely be carved onto the Mount Rushmore of Basketball greats when all is said and done.

So among his iconic games, which ones shine through? Which of his performances by him became the building blocks on which his shrine remains?

It would be tough to pick out winners, seeing as though LeBron has played over a thousand games. However, if he himself can lend a helping hand, it would not be out of the realm of possibility.

Just today, I shared a thread on Twitter that adds up his career through 29 iconic games. Yes, he has 29 such games that defined his career and legacy of him.

While all 29 have a place in history and chronologically, they are the very essence of his career, we think that some deserve more praise than others.

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LeBron James shares a thread of his 29 best games, but which ones stand out the most?

Picking apart 29 games from a thousand plus games is nothing short of incredible, this Twitter user decided to do it all and even describe why he chose certain ones.

While his list is incredible, to us there are a few standout games. His debut of him was heralded as the coming of the new messiah and he certainly lived up to the expectations.

In his first big moment, facing a tied series in the playoffs, he hit the game-winner along with 48 points!

While he was still young, James showed flashes of his true potential but he didn’t come through with Cleveland a move to Miami is where everything fell into place.

The rise of LeBron James

While there were many incredible games in between, his most iconic moment with the Miami Heat was in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. 45-15-5, everyone knows this game.

Back-to-back championships, iconic moments all around. LeBron did everything he was supposed to, the King’s coronation was complete.

His greatest game, facing an uphill battle from a 3-1 deficit, this was it. The Cavaliers came back 3-3, game 7, he goes and chases down Andre Iguodala to put up the most iconic block in NBA history.

Old-man strength and the vitality that burns through

The fourth ring and fourth Finals MVP came during a time of great distress for the Lakers. The coronavirus pandemic engulfed all joy in the world, the Lakers lost their greatest player Kobe Bryant to a helicopter crash.

LeBron James stepped up in the bubble. He delivered when he had to, becoming the first player to lead three different teams to a title. He was also a ripe old 35-years old.

And his most recent great game, a 56-pt performance against the would-be champions. Year 19 LeBron still looks like he is in his prime and there are no signs of slowing down.

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