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10 Overbooked WWE Matches Fans Absolutely Hated

One of the biggest changes fans are hoping for with Triple H now heading creative at the WWE is less overbooked matches that fans hate. It seems almost every match in the past two years, good or bad, has been repeated multiple times both at premium live events and on Raw and SmackDown.

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Booking the same opponents more than eleven isn’t a bad thing. For example, Kenny Omega and Okada have competed many times, and fans look forward to those matches. The problem is when a match becomes stale the WWE still books again and again anyway. This list will examine ten of those matches, the ones fans hated but were continuously booked over and over again.

10 Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar

It’s safe to say fans hope Triple H will end the Reigns Vs Lesnar feud. Nobody wants this anymore and it has been booked way more times than necessary. Leading up to WrestleMania 31, the two actually had a great feud and a memorable match that ended as “the heist of the century” for Seth Rollins. By 2018, fans were over “Brock vs. Roman,” unfortunately, the WWE creative team was not.

At WrestleMania 38, very few fans had anything to say about this main event bout, which means they’ve moved from hatred to apathy. They know what it’s supposed to be and no one has cared about it for years. Not to mention, the matches themselves have been on a steep decline since WrestleMania 31.

9 D-Generation X Vs The McMahons

Many remember this feud for the insane antics of DX during their reunion, The McMahons storyline was the perfect way to bring Shawn Michaels and Triple H together in 2006. The two had problems with the McMahons and shockingly rejoined to terrorize both Vince and Shane.

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No one watched this feud for the matches between the McMahon’s and D-Generation X, but the matches kept happening nonetheless. No matter what strange stipulations were put in place nobody cared or thought the McMahons could win and everyone was ready to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels take on more fierce opponents.


8 The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler

At first, Miz Vs Ziggler for the IC title was a great feud. By No Mercy 2016, the rivalry had stolen the show and should have been a launching point for both men to dabble in the main event scene. Instead, the two continued to battle for the next months. Repeating their bout for the title twice.

By TLC 2016, the two competed in a ladder match that was supposed to add another chapter to their feud. The match was good, but people were over this booking and the feud between Miz and Ziggler.

7 Chris Jericho vs Kane

Jericho and Kane had a great feud at the end of 2002 that seemed all but wrapped up after Kane took the IC title and World Heavyweight Championship from Jericho. The feud somehow continued off and on until the end of 2004 and it got very stale.

The two never competed in a pay-per-view match against each other in the era since. Their match always lacked something. Kane vs. Jericho was booked so many times that no matter how hard they pushed the bout between the two stars fans were tired of seeing it.

6 Alicia Fox Vs Natalya

Alicia Fox would not be considered an iconic rival for Natalya, but the two have competed in many televised matches. It often felt like if they couldn’t find an opponent for Natalya they would just throw the two of them into the ring.

Their matches were almost always quick matches with little action that entertained no one. By 2018, the pair had over twenty televised singles matches against each other (none of them at a pay-per-view, because they drew very little) and the match was still getting booked on Raw.

5 The Miz vs. Sheamus

Feuds between The Miz and Sheamus always lacked a hook. Their feud in 2014 was particularly bad because it included the “Damien Mizdow” story that nobody wanted. The matches between Sheamus and Miz were never good, but you couldn’t turn on Raw in 2014 without seeing the two, needlessly, compete.

At Hell in a Cell (2014) the pair had one of the worst matches at the pay-per-view receiving a two-star rating from Dave Meltzer. It was luckily the end of their rivalry.

4 Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

After Battleground 2014 most fans hoped the feud between Swagger and Rusev would come to an end. The two wrestled a horrible match at one of the worst pay-per-views of the year. For some reason, the two were continuously booked after this match.

The two had no chemistry in their matches and Rusev had some of the worst matches of his career against Swagger in 2014. This feud ran in and out for over a year before fans finally didn’t have to sit through a match between the two.

3 Kane vs The Big Show

Kane vs The Big Show qas a fun match when it happened in the late 90s. The two would put on fairly entertaining bouts when both men were hungry for the spotlight. But 13 years later, in 2012, Kane vs. Big Show was a never-ending bad match feud that nobody wanted.

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The two were clearly past their primes in a bout where neither person could seamlessly take the lead. They had a long match on the ECW reboot that was particularly bad and although no one wanted the Big vs the Big Red Machine it kept happening.

two Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Sheamus’s first World Heavyweight title reign started strong after he defeated Daniel Bryan to earn the title. A feud with Ziggler was also a fun addition, but once he started feuding with Alberto Del Rio it was over. Fans truly didn’t want to see either wrestler as champion so their matches always felt like a “lose-lose.”

Add in the fact that their matches were usually horrible and the result is an overbooked match that made 2012 a rough year for WWE audiences.

1 Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Baron Corbin only fought Reigns a few times before adopting the “King Corbin” gimmick. The two never had any special chemistry and when King Corbin started feuding with Roman in late 2019 it was all bad. Their first match on SmackDown was enough to make fans never want to see the two compete again, but the two would compete at consecutive pay per views.

At Super ShowDown 2020, the added “steel cage” match to their rivalry was supposed to provide a spark, but fans had long written off this event at its third consecutive pay-per-view.

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