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10 NBA Players And The Celebrities They Dated

It’s not a stretch to say that NBA players are some of the biggest sports stars in the world. Their incredible athletic talent, their immense height, and often their good looks all tend to cause many female celebrities to take notice of the sports stars. Over the years, countless NBA stars have dated some of the biggest celebrities.

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Luckily for many NBA athletes, their relationships tend to be focused on far less than most celebrities, but that fact can change when someone’s star power is worldwide. No one is surprised to hear an NBA athlete is dating a celebrity, but just which athlete and which celebrity dated is the thing that may surprise most people.

10 Nick Young And Iggy Azalea

A lot of people likely remember when Nick Young was dating Iggy Azalea purely because it felt like every news outlet cared far too much. The duo wasn’t together for a terribly long time, and the relationship ended in a rather high-profile way.

The reason it ended might be the other reason people remember it. According to Azalea, she caught Young bringing other women into their home from her thanks to security recordings on the premises. The whole month was a major focus for news outlets for quite a while.

9 JR Smith And Rihanna

There probably isn’t a single basketball fan who doesn’t enjoy seeing Rihanna courtside at just about any basketball game. She’s one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world, something that made JR Smith the envy of pretty much any man.

Unfortunately for Smith, the duo didn’t last all that long. Rihanna has had some choice words about Smith over the years, most notably calling him out for less than stellar personal conduct during a playoff series. As it turns out, the duo weren’t meant to last.


8 Kris Humphries And Kim Kardashian

Someone could probably write a book about the various celebrities that Kim Kardashian has dated over the years, but an NBA player has been amongst them with that being Kris Humphries.

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The pair actually ended up getting married, but the entire thing was a bit of a month, lasting only roughly 72 days in total. Things moved fast with the two dating in 2010, getting married in 2011, and winding up divorced only a short time after that wedding. Still, it’s about what people have come to expect from Kardashian relationships.

7 Tristan Thompson And Khloé Kardashian

Even people who don’t care about basketball are aware of the relationship between Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian. The two are inescapable, with headlines about their tumultuous relationship constantly in the news and on magazine stands.

The two started dating back in 2016, and the world hasn’t been able to forget about them ever since. Tristan has allegedly cheated on her on numerous occasions, leading many to wonder how the relationship lasted as long as it actually did. The world is still going on about their relationship and likely won’t stop anytime soon.

6 Serge Ibaka And Keri Hilson

Compared to many other NBA relationships with celebrities, it seems that Serge Ibaka and Keri Hilson actually dated for quite some time. They have often been described as being hot and cold in the relationship, but they were together for roughly four years.

Ibaka and his singer girlfriend, unfortunately, ended up splitting for good back in 2016. While the breakup was likely hard for both parties, it seems that both of them have managed to come out of the relationship stronger than ever before.

5 Rick Fox And Vanessa Williams

Newer fans of basketball will probably have had no clue that ex-Celtic and ex-Laker Rick Fox had a pretty serious relationship with famed model and singer Vanessa Williams. The pair actually eloped in 1999 and even had a daughter together.

Unfortunately, things wouldn’t last and the two were divorced by 2004. Since then, Rick Fox went on to not only have a good relationship with Williams, but he also went on to date another high-profile celebrity Eliza Dushku. Since that relationship, Fox has been relatively private with his personal life.

4 Chris Webber And Tyra Banks

A lot of people give a guy like Chris Webber credit for managing to stay in a relationship with Tyra Banks for roughly two years. By all accounts, the two seemed to have a fairly strong relationship, but comments after the fact paint a different picture.

Banks mentioned things like groupies as a serious struggle for her in their relationship, something that was likely a well-known issue from the start. Still, Banks has seemed broken up about the break up when talking about it in the past, so it was clearly hard.

3 Marko Jaric And Adriana Lima

Compared to many other NBA relationships, the one between Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima was actually relatively successful… for a while. The two dated, and even ended up married, but would divorce roughly five years afterward.

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The couple had some children, something that likely made moving forward with a divorce that much harder, but it does seem that both parties are capable of being mature. It’s a sad situation, but both parties are clearly acting with their children’s interests in mind.

two Tony Parker And Eva Longoria

Another successful relationship came between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, as the two did end up married. Like just about every other high-profile NBA relationship, it too would not last with the pair getting divorced sometime in 2010.

It seems that the relationship just wasn’t the right fit for both parties as they each ended up remarried only a few years later. Both have managed to craft uniquely happy lives since their relationship, so there likely wasn’t a “loser” in what was likely a heavy breakup.

1 Kyrie Irving And Kehlani

Most people probably forgot Kyrie Irving ever dated Kehlani, but those that enjoy learning about the drama of famous people’s lives may actually recall this. The reason for all the drama was all the accusations of Kehlani cheating on Irving.

The famous singer was said to have been involved with another artist while dating Irving, but it seems that Irving doesn’t care all that much. He actually defended his ex from him in a rather lengthy post, something that showed a lot of class from the star that some considered as being occasionally bratty.

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