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10 Kenny Omega Matches AEW Need To Book When He Returns

Arguably the hottest name attached to AEW upon the inception of the company in 2019, Kenny Omega remains a staple of All Elite Wrestling despite not having wrestled since November 2021. As fans anxiously await the return of The Cleaner, they continue to speculate and dream up big matches for Omega within AEW once he is cleared.

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Thanks to a great relationship between New Japan Pro Wrestling and AEW, fans can also hopefully expect to see Omega wrestle some major NJPW names, either within an AEW ring or as part of a cross-promotional event between the two companies. With rumors circulating that the return of the Best Bout Machine is right around the corner, there are some incredibly big matches that Tony Khan should be looking at for Kenny Omega.

10 Kenny Omega vs Claudio Castagnoli

Debuting at AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door, Claudio Castagnoli would be a last-minute replacement for an injured Bryan Danielson against NJPW’s Zack Saber Jr.. Coming in as one of the hottest signings for AEW in 2022, Claudio has since become Ring of Honor World Champion, defeating Jonathan Gresham at the Death Before Dishonor PPV, while also becoming a member of the Blackpool Combat Club.

For hardcore fans, seeing Kenny Omega wrestle Claudio Castagnoli on such a big stage would be a dream, with both men being considered as some of the best wrestlers in the world.

9 Kenny Omega vs MJF

While fans continue to await for Kenny Omega to return from injury, the wrestling world is also still waiting on the next chapter in the MJF/Tony Khan/AEW storyline after an incredible promo during AEW’s Los Angeles debut, in which MJF would blur the lines with a shoot-style promo.

With Omega being considered by many to be the pinnacle of pro wrestling, MJF’s character of claiming to be undervalued and believing that he is the best could lead to a very engaging feud between the two men. Not only would it be a first-time-ever match between Kenny and Max, but it would also be a major program featuring two AEW originals that the show has been booked around for its first few years of existence.


8 Kenny Omega vs Konosuke Takeshita

Since coming to the United States for an extended excursion, DDT’s Konosuke Takeshita has become incredibly over with the AEW fanbase thanks to some great presentation from the company. Featuring in major matches against the likes of Jay Lethal, Hangman Page, Eddie Kingston, and Jon Moxley, Takeshita’s stock has risen greatly over the past few months.

With Kenny Omega being the name responsible for helping to get Takeshita in the door with AEW, it is a no-brainer that a future match between the two men within AEW could be huge business.

7 Kenny Omega vs. Jay White

Another big-time match for The Cleaner is a sequel meeting with Jay White. With the two men last facing off in 2018, it was a first and last match between the two in which Jay White scored a major upset over Omega. In the years since, King Switch has risen up the card in New Japan, becoming one of the top stars in the company.

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For a future Forbidden Door card, AEW and NJPW booking Jay White vs. Kenny Omega II could be a major attraction for both companies while already having an established story.

6 Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada

One of the biggest feuds in modern day New Japan, the saga of matches between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada are the stuff of legend. Coming off of Forbidden Door, it is very likely that AEW fans will get to see the Rainmaker more often down the line, with one final bout between he and Omega being the dream for many.

While some fans may suggest that leaving this series alone is best for business, AEW and NJPW both know how big of a match Okada vs Omega is, and should they want to sell out a huge arena, putting this on as a main event is a sure fire way to drive sales.

5 Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson

One of AEW’s most talked about matches, and technically their biggest match based off attendance, Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega from AEW Grand Slam in 2021 remains a testament towards AEW’s ability as a wrestling company. While there have been dips and peaks in the year since it occurred, their first meeting proved that great wrestling can be a major draw.

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With Danielson back from his Double or Nothing injury and Omega on his way back to wrestling, this is without a doubt, one of AEW’s biggest aces that they have up their sleeves. With their first bout going to a 30-minute draw, it goes without saying that a rematch is destined to happen down the line.

4 Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson

Something that some fans may not be anticipating but could be on the menu, is a reunion between former allies, turned bitter rivals, with Hangman Page & Kenny Omega coming back together. For those looking for the best method of getting this match, look no further than the Blackpool Combat Club.

With Omega already having a long history with Jon Moxley within AEW, having dethroned him for the AEW World Championship, as well as having a major match under his belt with Danielson, those programs can be tied together nicely into this. On top of that, Danielson and Hangman also have a history that would help elevate this even further into an incredible attraction for AEW should the stars align.

3 Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole & reDRagon

During his last promo before taking time off for his injuries, Kenny Omega would feature alongside Adam Cole and The Young Bucks, having a bit of an awkward moment with Cole for storyline purposes. Since his exit from him, it has been clear that once Omega gets cleared, a program between The Elite and the former Undisputed Era members is likely on the table.

With the Trios Division in AEW heating up, a major match between Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks and Adam Cole & reDRagon feels like a strong contender for taking place with the rumored AEW Trios Titles on the line, while also already having a big story tied into the feud.

two Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay

While there is room for debate on whether the recent happenings between Omega and Will Ospreay online have been a shoot or a work, one thing does seem for certain, and that is that fans will see a match between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay before all is said and done. Whether it occurs in an AEW ring or a NJPW ring is up in the air, but it has become clear that this is one of the biggest cross-promotional matches that the two brands have up their sleeves.

With the leader of United Empire constantly antagonizing Omega online for Kenny’s disparaging comments towards Ospreay, it feels like the stage has already been set for a clash between two of the best gaijin wrestlers to ever step foot in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

1 Kenny Omega vs CM Punk

An incredibly major moment for All Elite Wrestling, possibly the biggest of the company’s history, was the culmination of a very hot summer run for AEW during 2021. Featuring Omega and Hangman’s rivalry heating up, the debut of CM Punk, and the incredible All Out PPV, AEW would cap off their summer in a perfect way. In the year since, the company has failed a bit in terms of must-watch nature, partially due to a massive injury bug taking out several main event stars.

With both CM Punk and Kenny Omega on the shelf currently, their subsequent returns will be huge news for a hurting AEW. Should Tony Khan want to provide one of the biggest matches available, putting The Best in The World against the Best Bout Machine for the first time ever, would certainly be the heated dream match that AEW could use, similar to Danielson vs Omega at 2021’s AEW Grand Slam events.

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