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10 Concepts That AEW Hasn’t Introduced Yet

All Elite Wrestling has been the fans’ word of mouth for almost three years now. It is undoubtedly the only promotion in the world right now that can say that it is a competition for the behemoth WWE. It has come so far in a short time and a significant credit of it goes to the innovative ideas Tony Khan’s promotion employs.

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From Casino battle royals and ladder matches to unique cinematic matches, AEW has been praised for its out-of-the-box ideas. However, it’s only been a few years since its arrival, and naturally, it couldn’t do everything in this period. Thus, there are many a thing that various other pro wrestling promotions have introduced but AEW has yet to.

10 A Women’s Match Headlining A PPV Event

All Elite Wrestling has a great roster of female stars including the likes of Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Thunder Rosa, Toni Storm, Tay Conti, and more. Thus, it’s hard to grasp the fact that of more than a dozen PPVs organized by AEW, not even one was main-evented by women.

Given the ever-evolving women’s roster in AEW, it may not take long for the promotion to finally have two female stars take each other on to end a PPV night.

9 AEW World Title Match With More Than Three Wrestlers

Out of the numerous times AEW World Championship has been kept on the line, there was only one match when more than two wrestlers competed. The instance came at Double Or Nothing 2021 when the champion Kenny Omega defeated Orange Cassidy and PAC in a three-way match.

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Besides the above contest, all world title matches were a singles contest. Thus, fans are yet to watch the ultimate gold of AEW being kept on the line in a match consisting of more than three wrestlers. It would be a treat to watch stars compete in a ladder match for the coveted gold.


8 A Rematch Clause For The AEW World Championship

Most of the time, upon a title change, the former champion gets to face the new champion for a title match. But the same can not be said for the AEW World Championship. Unlike the TNT Championship which kept changing hands due to challenging former champions, the AEW Champions do not challenge the new champ from the get-go.

Chris Jericho has not challenged for the title since losing it back in 2020. Likewise, Kenny Omega has been out of the picture since losing the belt. Adam Page, too, went after different goals after losing the title. The only champion who got to challenge for the title again was Jon Moxley, who did it after more than three months of losing it.

7 A Permanent Spot For The Casino Matches

In WWE, Money in the Bank ladder matches are contested at Money in the Bank. the same goes for Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and a few other stipulation matches. These themed matches have a PPV centered around them and are mostly contested at the said event.

In AEW, however, there is no theme-based PPV centered around a specific match. Even crazier is the fact that there is no permanent spot for these matches as well. Casino Ladder and Casino Battle Royale are one of the most loved introductions by AEW, but they have taken place at random PPVs and even on Dynamite. A permanent spot for these matches would be a welcome change.

6 A Vacant Championship

When a champion is unable to defend his title due to injury or other reasons, the belt is usually taken away from him and awarded to someone else via a tournament or other means.

All Elite Wrestling does things a little differently here by crowning an interim champion for the time being who will hold the title as long as the original champion does not return (much like the UFC does with their champions). As a result, fans have yet to see an AEW championship vacated for the time being. While what AEW does is not inherently bad, it is unquestionably unique.

5 A Title Unification Match

We talked of the interim champion who gets to face the original champion upon his return. The winner of their match is then said to have unified the two titles. However, that’s not what most fans have heard of a title unification. It entails combining two different belts, which AEW has not yet done.

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While it may be too soon for AEW to unify titles, there are a few that are mostly dormant. The FTW Championship has served its purpose and can be combined with either of the mid-card championships. The same can be said for the two ROH mid-card titles, which make the title scenario a bit too populated for fans.

4 Brand Extension

The brand split was something that proved how ahead WWE was of its peers. It first defeated WCW in the Monday Night Wars and then proceeded to split RAW and SmackDown thanks to the huge roster it had at that time. Likewise, AEW’s roster is ever-expanding, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it already has a roster big enough to get spilled in two.

While one can say that it is indeed maintaining two brands in the form of AEW and ROH, a brand split is something that eventually leads to a mega-match between the two brands, which doesn’t seem too likely in AEW’s case.

3 Grand Slam Champion

Grand Slam Championship is one of the biggest accomplishments a star can attain in any promotion. It is used to describe a superstar who has won every kind of championship in a promotion, ie world titles, secondary titles, and tag-team titles. It’s only been a few years since AEW has started functioning, and has understandably not crowned a grand slam champion yet.

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Interestingly, so far, there have been only three stars who have won more than a single kind of championship. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega have both won AEW Tag Team and AEW World Championship. Likewise, Scorpio Sky is a former AEW Tag Team and TNT Champion.

two Six Man Tag Team Championship

All Elite Wrestling has, probably the best tag-team division in pro wrestling today. It also has an impressive array of factions that enables AEW to contest multi-men tag team matches way larger than normal tag team matches.

From The Elite and House of Black to Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club, a six-man tag team title is something that may benefit AEW. Six-Man tag team matches are a common affair on its weekly programming and adding meaning to it would no doubt be appreciated.

1 Women’s Tag Team Championship

Considering how good the men’s tag-team division is in Tony Khan’s promotion, it’s a shame that his women’s counterpart doesn’t get enough attention. The women’s tag-team division does not have many teams and is mostly overshadowed by other things.

Giving the division a dedicated title would be a great move to elevate women’s tag team wrestling in the promotion.

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